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Your Spine, Your Emotions And Hearing The Story Your Body Has To Tell You

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Your Spine, Your Emotions And Hearing The Story Your Body Has To Tell You

There should always be a connection between your physical body, your emotions and your mind. This will create an easy-to-understand communication link. The body talks and we understand. For each sign you see on your body, it is a message. Pains are ways through which the body talks.

So, we don’t just soothe pains away, we create the communication link between your body and your mind so that even you will understand the language your body speaks. It is then you will be able to respond promptly and appropriately. Your spine and your emotions are strongly bonded to your mind. Our chiropractic process in Boulder Colorado will help you understand and take advantage of the bond.

Unfortunately, instead of seeing a chiropractor, a lot of people still continue to live without synchronizing their mental state with their body. This continuously builds up more tension and the tension, when accumulated, takes its toll on their mind by leading to anxiety, depression and several other emotional and mental distresses. This is why Carolyn Myss, an expert in this field, once said “your biography becomes your biology”. This is very true in this context. Several other experts have corroborated the statement in several books.

All the mental, emotional and even chemical stresses begin to accumulate in the body and the body will continue to somatize the cumulation of the stresses by developing its armor. At this point, your spine determines your life. The shape, position, tension and of your life are all determined by the shape, position, tension and tone of your spine. This is why you should pay important attention to your body and all its signs.

How you handle your body has a lot of effect on the kinds of emotions you experience. What your body goes through is tied deeply into your neural behaviors and this can come from unresolved neuro wounds that end up influencing your life.

Candace Pert, a psychneuroimmunologist that is popular for writing a book titled “The Molecules of Emotions” and a big fan of our are broke this down in her book. Anybody who is really interested in further understanding the connection between their body and emotions must read and digest the book. She explained how emotion does not reside in the brain as most people have thought. Instead, emotion circulates as molecules throughout the body.

To break this down in simple terms, the position of your structure and your body is connected to your behavior patterns and perceptions which determines the kind of emotions you can experience and the kind of emotions you can’t experience even if they are there, they may or may not be accessible to you.

The body always has a story to tell but you can only receive the story if you prepare yourself for it. The most important thing to do is to heal all the Neural wounds that may be an obstacle between you and your body. Our door is open for a complimentary consultation to discuss your healthcare concerns and goals. We look forward to having a conversation with you about what you would like to have less of as well as what you would like to experience more of in your life

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJuly 14, 2017

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