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why reorganize and retrain?

why reorganize and retrain?

It’s hard to move forward when looking back, or get where you would like to go when you’re staring at the rearview mirror.



Most practitioners focus on restoring you to a prior state before symptoms presented and became a concern.  The problem is that that is the state that has most often gotten a person where they are, and will only lead to the symptom or concern resurfacing once again later.
Also, quite frequently symptoms are warning signs not to be ignored or covered up, but rather, to point to an underlying concern that requires new choices, new awareness, new directions, or increased functional capacity.  A restorative model towards symptoms frequently yields temporary Band-Aid results, with minimal real progress, growth, or sustainable change.  Often, quite frustrating for the patient and resulting in them going from practitioner to practitioner for temporary, surface level changes.



At Network Family Wellness Center, our advanced approach is focused on reorganizing and retraining a person’s nervous system and spine from neurological tension, neurological pressure, that has impacted structure, behavior, and function, to produce a result of progress towards growth, healing, and advanced progress and lasting sustainable benefits so that one can experience life at their best, and continue to move towards their goals and dreams that they do not want a lack of health to get in the way of enjoying.



As a person’s nervous system and spine increases its functional capacity and reorganizes to handle life at a higher level, people often experience and report feeling and functioning better, enhanced wellbeing and quality of life, ease of recovery from injury, being more self-correct, and most importantly, being able to accomplish more in their life unimpeded by health concerns.



Is what makes us different that will make your experience great. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself firsthand.

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