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What If There Was More To Good Health Than Less Pain?

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What If There Was More To Good Health Than Less Pain?

I hear it almost every single day from people seeking help in our Boulder, Colorado office: “Doc, it hurts right here, I want it to go away.” “Doc, can’t I just have less pain?”

If I were to go by what I hear, I would think this is the way it works:
Less pain = Feeling better = Good health
Is that really all there is to being healthy and well? When you think of someone who is healthy, is that really what you think of, someone who is simply not in pain?
No, there is something more than just being pain-free that defines good health. People do all kinds of things for health. They take vitamins and drink expensive water. They go for all kinds of bodywork sessions and go to gyms. In fact, many things people do for their health can actually produce pain. Go run a marathon and let me know if it hurts.

After 20 years of taking care of patients, I look at health from a completely different angle. I think that people rarely seek the services of a healthcare provider solely because they want to get rid of pain, though it can be quite common that people first come to a healthcare provider thinking and communicating that that’s the case. And fortunately for them, we can help with that, but that is not the driving force of our office.
Don’t get me wrong; no one in my office is more excited when a practice member feels better than my wife, Dr. Rachelle Knowles, who is also a chiropractor and myself. We love celebrating wins with our patients. However, as I watch people’s lives change, which I see every single day, I really don’t feel that solely being pain-free is their true “why”.

The insight I have gained from my practice has led me to the belief that people come in for help because they know that they have a compelling future that they want to enjoy. They know that, relative to how they are experiencing life now, they are not in the most adaptable, optimal state to make the road that lies ahead of them the experience that they would like it to be. Even if they come in initially seeking pain relief, the underlying desire is to be on the road to true, lasting good health. They know that they have to make a change so that they can truly enjoy what lies ahead to the fullest.

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By networkwellnesscentersAugust 11, 2017

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