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What if the Disease is the Cure?

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What if the Disease is the Cure?

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Today’s health tip is really a question; I want you to ask yourself something.  What if the disease was the cure?  What if the symptom that you are trying to avoid, the condition you are experiencing and the challenge you are having was actually the solution and it was the cure?

See what happens is, we spend most of our attention in the health care system to avoid disease, to get rid of things we don’t like and people spend all their time and energy doing this.  However I would like you to have a different thought process about your body.  

What if your body was actually intelligent? What if your body actually knew what it was doing? What if your body actually had this incredible wisdom in it that is animating, coordinating and motivating every aspect of your function and your life behind the scenes?  

And what if these wizards behind the scenes of your body that always pulling all the strings was actually logical and keeping in striving for you to be well|?  What happens is pathology is not something that is surprising it is actually a logical path for what how you have been living your life.  Maybe the foods you put into your body, maybe the actions you’ve had, maybe the stress that you’ve had that have overwhelmed your system and your body actually needs to create a symptom, create a pain, create a distress, create a condition or that’s not its creating it but it is actually what happen as a manifestation of how you live your life.

Let’s use a simple example, most people can relate to the example of weighing.  

Gaining weight is really simply a reflection of what physiology is going to happen if you won’t move enough or you don’t make the right types of movements and you consume more food; inappropriate type of foods.  If you do things that your body can’t handle its going to create fats store and it’s going to create these changes in your physiology that you may not like.  

What if gaining weight was really just your body signal telling you that “You know this is what you have done to me” and changing it is what is going to make you healthy.  So think about that and other areas of your life; the symptoms you want to get rid of, the things you are trying to avoid and the conditions that come up. They maybe the solution you held within them for you to get to your next level of growth and change.  

Rather than be adversarial with them, how about using them as sign post on your journey for your health and well-being for you to maximize your life and your health and maybe get to a new solution for yourself.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesFebruary 26, 2016

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