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Weight Loss with Food Management That Isn’t Sleek or Sexy

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Weight Loss with Food Management That Isn’t Sleek or Sexy

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Losing weight is on many people’s minds right now with a focus on dieting. However, many other factors are involved including motivation. Weight loss means different things to different people, to some it’s all about how they look and to some their health comes first.

Several years ago, I lost 45 pounds over a period of 60 days, doing this changed my life and involved putting together many different health factors.  Through my adult life I always struggled with being slightly overweight which was due to my poor eating habits, even while I knew I was not doing the right thing.  Then I had a surprise visit from a family member who is a genealogist, I appreciated the few hours we spent talking about family history. What I realized from our discussion that I was working against my genetic predisposition and behavior, I knew I had to take a massive action because losing weight and being fit is about health not how you look in a bathing suit; it is about being there for your family or loved ones, it is about your kids enjoying spending time with you. It is about not living your life burdened with frustration, thinking about your weight and thereby putting your chances of longevity at risk all because you are overweight. Considering my family history of diabetes and other sugar related metabolic concerns I knew a change was needed. With the family history I easily have a high predisposition to some bad sugar consumption behaviors and metabolism which results in quick gaining of weight.

I had tried different kinds of fad weight loss products and programs which made me to lose and gain weight too quickly- it was all just quick reaction stuff. I got to a level where on my birthday I had attained my highest weight. Later I understood that diets don’t work the way people expected them to work out. This is true especially during this season of the year; they just do not work for the long term. Most of the times, conventional weight loss plans are focused on a person restricting calories trying to lose one or two pounds a week and also eating processed foods which are not healthy. In the process most people lose the momentum to continue and they also fail to achieve what is the most important thing which to truly change their body and get healthier.

This encounter made me develop a reorganizational approach to losing weight. Reorganizational approach is very simple and involves eating real foods and making lifestyle changes.  Both of which are not considered “sleek and sexy” in the marketing world because they are not about selling a new gimmick. Instead it is about changing your body metabolism, and helps your body look younger. Having healthy nutrients in your body is not therapeutic; it is not a magic bullet, it’s simply right living by eating right so that your body does not increase toxins from junk and processed foods. When implemented correctly I have seen many people lose ½ to 1 1/2 pounds a day, very rapidly while they also retrain their body.

At our classes we teach people how to make healthy choices in health and lead them in the right direction for their long term health. We educate people to take a different view from what the mainstream media and food industry generally teaches. Our concept is not about fixing you, it is not about curing the disease or condition with the newest cheap magic potions that within a twinkle of an eye you are at your goal approach that most fad diets offers. At Network Family Wellness Center we have great team members who help people with implementing this in their own life.  The approach will help you live a life where you are in control of your health and your life and happy about how you look and feel!

Join us at any of our numerous health and wellness classes to learn more and put you on a good track in year 2016. You can always contact us for a scheduled meeting at our office or keep in touch regularly with our blog for more information about us and our events.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJanuary 8, 2016

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