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Trick or treat for Halloween but not your health

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Trick or treat for Halloween but not your health

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner and children and adults will be running through the streets screaming trick or treat, trick or treat. Halloween has been a fun holiday our family has enjoyed throughout our lives and looking forward to this year too. And though trick or treat may be good for holidays, it’s not good for your health. When it comes to your health, think about what you’re doing and whether it’s a trick or treat.

So frequently, the actions we are advised to take relative to our health and well-being are really just a trick. I don’t mean that the health care provider is intentionally trying to fool us by any means. I have tremendous respect for health care providers in every field. However, what I’m talking about is what it’s doing to your body. Many areas of intervention are means of tricking your body into perceiving things as feeling good and life is back to normal, you can move on as you have been before in your life. I’m talking pharmaceuticals that cover up your symptoms that you’re experiencing, like coverage up a warning sign by putting a Band-Aid on top of the light in your car or simply pulling the battery out of the fire alarm rather than looking where the fire might be. Warning signs are meant to pay attention to and to make a change, not to be silenced and ignored. Pharmaceuticals that alter your values are chemistry but actually don’t make a change as to the underlying cause of why body chemistry is altered from a healthy range, not addressing the cause but rather something that now you have to be on for the rest of your life without any direction of making a change so you could one day not have to be on the medication.
Of course, there are absolutely health situations where that’s a necessity. However, very frequently, it’s not. Or, physical, therapeutic steps that might bring down inflammation, such as icing, in certain situations, or exercises to strengthen an area, in some situations. Yet, didn’t ever ask the question as to, why is this pattern coming up? Why is it reproducing, and what are the dysfunctions that lead to this place?

I always like going for the treats rather than the tricks. The treats are the things that the interventions, actions, and procedures that focus on creating greater health and well-being, healing the wounds within that got there, and increasing functional capacity so someone can handle more and avoid — be less prone to injury, and more able to recover from injury.

Your body can, rather than go back to the state it was and living as you had been living without making any real change, your body can be stronger, more adaptive, more resilient, more flexible reaching for the capacity to handle more rather than a crutch to maintain your current capacity. Treats bring growth and new possibilities. When it actually comes to illness and wellness, it’s the treats that truly bring health, wholeness and a greater state of being and quality of life. When it comes to health and well-being, my motto is, more treats please, and I’ll skip the tricks. My motto is let’s skip the tricks, and I’d like more treats please. Happy Halloween. If you’d like to come in for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss with you how you could have more in your life and your life can be more extraordinary. Or, click below for a free consultation.

By networkwellnesscentersOctober 26, 2018

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