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The Holistic Approach to Caring for the Spine and Its Remarkable Benefits

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The Holistic Approach to Caring for the Spine and Its Remarkable Benefits

A healthy mind in a healthy body, the translation of the popular Latin quotation “Mens sana in corpore sano” is the principle that should guide our lives. Unfortunately, a wide range of disruptive elements prevent us from achieving and preserving an ideal interior and exterior balance. Stress comes in many forms.



Most people are forced to deal with emotional, chemical, thermal, physical and mental stress on a daily basis. Prolonged stress exposure inevitably leads to significant health concerns. Individuals who are unable to develop their own coping skills are often impacted by numerous symptoms, including tense muscles, back pain and subluxations.



Finding the Key to a Better Functioning Spine



Brett O. is one of the fortunate patients who managed to stop stress from governing his life. He wanted to improve his body functions, gain full control over his own body and find the simplest way to embrace an active, pain-free lifestyle without making any compromises. Surgery and prescription medication were out of the question, so Brett started looking for a care plan that would enable him to reduce spinal tension, discover and explore new inner connections and awaken his very own interior healing power.



This is how Brett first found the Network Family Wellness Center, the place where dependable staff members address the unique need of each and every patient. They are determined to help people discover and use their self-healing abilities and their interconnectedness to create a better life for themselves, while putting pain and negativity behind them.



“I came to have a better functioning spine and body. I wanted to live with vitality,” remembers Brett O.



A traditional  Boulder chiropractor adjusts the misaligned vertebrae. On the other hand, a team of chiropractors embracing the holistic approach to caring for subluxations always starts by identifying the underlying causes of a patient’s condition. In other words, holistic chiropractors strive to help people deal with the specific forms of stress that impact their welfare and daily performance. They go beyond making basic adjustments and enable patients to witness a rapid evolution and get faster, longer-lasting results without opting for an intensive care plan recommended by most chiropractors.


Profiting from Long-Lasting Boulder Chiropractic Results

Brett noticed the first signs of improvement shortly after his first visit to the Network Family Wellness Center. Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles D.C. ensured gentle adjustments that brought him one step closer to a healthy spine. Brett has learned to channel his self-healing energy to improve overall body function, prevent pain and cope with elevated stress levels in a more than satisfactory manner. His progress is no longer endangered by interior and exterior risk factors and he has found the key to living a much more fulfilling life.



“I breathe easier and am able to handle stress better,” says Brett, who is pleased with the life changes implemented after receiving care in a nurturing environment.



Brett realizes that a pain-free life is a journey, not a destination. He is fully aware of the fact that the specialist from the Network Family Wellness Center allowed him to improve his general state of health, develop his coping abilities and prevent further spinal problems and discomfort.



“I want to continue to live in a healthy body and thrive,” concludes Brett, who is determined to keep walking on the same path that led him to a highly beneficial interior balance.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 6, 2014

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