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The Health Highway

Highway used as anology for health

Heading out on the health highway is one of the most important journeys for one to start on. It often starts with a single choice like I am going to exercise, or lose a few pounds, or go to the chiropractor. Sometimes taking this road is moving away from what we have seen in our own family. An uncle who has diabetes, or a parent with Alzheimer’s. We decide that we don’t want to end our journey where they are and we choose a different road. Often this journey begins to move toward a state like fitness, happiness, or fitting into our skinny jeans. Regardless of the motivation the journey begins with one step that turns into more steps as we are successful. We build on our success of starting with eating healthy to adding exercise then cleaning up our diet more, avoiding sugar or dairy, moving from jogging to running a 5k to doing a half marathon.


These kinds of steps and so many more, are steps of growth along the health highway that mark our growth and increasing our wellbeing and quality of life.   The health highway leads to us getting better with age instead of worse.


There is an important landmark on the health journey that I want you to pay attention for. It is the point where you realize that you can’t do, eat or behave the way you used to.   When you notice that if you eat 1 scoop of ice cream which you once ate a bowl of nightly you get sick or don’t feel like yourself.


This point of the journey is what I call the health tightrope.    Different than one getting sicker on their life’s journey, when one gets healthier the road narrows. As one’s health increases it takes less to detour from the highway. The balancing act of maximizing your wellbeing becomes more demanding as you are more fine tuned. This is a point to celebrate rather than to see as a setback or frustration.


You see when you are unhealthy you can eat all the pizza, ice cream and soda you want and not necessarily notice it, for now. You will pay for it later in the form of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Or lost vitality with your grand kids, or years of life lost. This inability to perceive the damage being done by a mismanaged lifestyle is a destructive survival value.


The person who is healthy and well connected to their body will have the constructive survival value of feeling bad (or getting ill) when they do things that aren’t good for them. Someone who is unhealthy might say they have a stronger constitution while really the one who is sicker. Someone who exercises regularly and then misses a week may feel awful.   The same goes for chiropractic care and your spine. When your nerve system if more fine tuned you only have to be slightly off to really notice it.   Often practice members may come in thinking they are really off or have backslid when they aren’t. They are just healthier; more fine tuned and have greater awareness of their body.


This holds true for every area of your quality of life. … Your relationships, your spiritual health your finances and paying attention to your life choices.  Ignorance may be bliss however it is not a path to excellence. When your health is concerned lack of body awareness and perception is a path to poor choices. Health people make healthy choices. You can drive a beat up old Ford on the health highway with bald tires, cracks in the seats and windows and rust on the body. And you may be perfectly blissful and content. However if you were driving a fine tuned Porsche and you noticed the wheels wobble at 70 mph you may be very irritated. Maybe more so than when you drove the old ford with all its problems. I would rather drive the Porsche and keep it in top shape.


As your health highway turns into a health tightrope embrace and celebrate your success.   The dividends it will pay you in terms of quality of life and longevity are large.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 22, 2015

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