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The Foundation of Your Posture

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The Foundation of Your Posture

You’re always told to sit/stand up straight and how important your posture is. But have you really ever thought about where you posture comes from? It’s a question that chiropractors get asked a lot because, naturally, people are concerned about their posture. They wonder if they stand tall enough, if they’re sitting up straight and how their posture affects their body and healthy. Some wonder why their head leans forward while at their desk or why they hunch over at the end of the day. Some don’t like how the stand or want to fix their posture when they’re exercising.

Posture really is important in your life, which is why you should pay attention to yours. But people think that doing a bunch of exercises for a few days will correct their posture issues and they’ll start standing differently. Sure, you put some effort in improving your posture and you’ll see a difference… but it’ll only last for a little bit. It turns out not to be energy efficient and then you get tired. You’ll actually start feeling pain from trying to hold your body differently because your body isn’t used to standing or sitting that way.

Don’t think that you’re just lazy because you’re not. Your body is used to the other way, so when you try to correct it, you’ll feel uncomfortable. There are three things that go into your posture, which we’ll go into detail in other blogs. But generally, your posture’s foundation is based on your structure, behavior and perception. That’s called the triad of change.

Your structure, behavior and perception can change your physiology. Changing any one of those and you’re be making some life-changing impacts. But changing two of them means creating massive change for your posture and life, while changing all three translates to an absolute massive transformation.

Many find that their structure is most likely out of their control. What’s happening with your behavior, which again, is most likely out of your conscious control and what’s happening with your perception of your body and the world is what impacts your posture.

Your structure – spinal structure – the structure that you’re living in is your house. It’s a temple where your spirit lives. So what are you living in? If what you’re living (in terms of structure) is not ideal or optimal, it can actually be side tracking your entire life and side tracking your experience of life. So every structural derangement or arrangement yields a different behavior for every structural organization.

Then there’s the second part, which is your behavior. Your neural behavior is your experience of your body. Your nervous system can be hijacked by physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stresses. They can all vary in intensity and length in terms of what they’re doing to your structure and you and your experience or perception of the world around you. So your neural behavior could literally be based on what happened five to 10 weeks ago – even 20 years ago – and you might not realize it that it’s holding your body hostage. As time goes on, those behaviors only get worse.

The third thing we want to explain is your perception. Howe we perceive and see the world. It’s how we perceive and see ourselves that will impact our structure. If you see yourself as a success then you’re going to stand tall. If you see yourself as a failure, you’ll stand a different way. If you have depression or anxiety, they’ll both have different impacts on your posture because of the experience that you’re having internally.

If you’re a champion and feeling victorious, you’re going to have a strong perception of your body, feeling as if you want to go out and compete in something. It’ll impact your posture and your behavior. So all three aspects of the triad of change are at play here.

Your posture is greatly impacted by those three things. It’s good to know that changing your posture sustainably is not an overnight thing, but a process. It has very little to do with physical exercises or the effort you put into holding your body a certain way. However it’s has everything to do with what’s going on with your structure, your behavior and perception.

If you want to find out more about how to improve those things, then we recommend you come to our office – Network Family Wellness Center! We’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation and talk with you about what’s going on with your health and well-being.

By networkwellnesscentersSeptember 28, 2018

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