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The Foundation of Your Posture

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The Foundation of Your Posture

We are asked so often questions regarding a person's posture. I would like to help you understand something about the foundation of your posture by thinking of your body like a marionette puppet.

A marionette puppet has strings, if you pull the puppet's strings it pulls it arms, its legs and that changes their positions. Now, I would like to think of yourself like a marionette puppet as you have strings as well. Your strings are your nerves and you have 3 - 9 nerve fibers going to every single cell, tissue and organs of your body literally 12 miles of nerves. Those nerves come out from your brain, spinal cord through nerve route and wrap around very closely like cellophane around the sausage.

Those nerves anchor into the tissues of your body throughout your organs and your stamens in your muscular system. What happen is as there are tensions or “pulling” on your nerves in connected tissues that tension is much like pulling of the marionette puppet's strings will pull a person's hip or their legs or their shoulder or their head positions. As our body changes these different positions will impact our posture and holding patterns creating structural shifts and neurological behavior patterns going on and on like a chicken and egg cycle and impact the person's perception of the world around them and of their body. Then what happens is people ignore these foundations of their posture, which is their nervous system, or they are not ignoring it but they don’t know about it. They put their attention and focus in trying to outwardly change their posture doing exercises, strength exercises holding their body specifically because they think it is the proper posture. Then that is trying to override with what the body has going on, it actually drives the neurological challenges or cycles even deeper into their physiology.

So I want you to realize rather than changing your posture, work on or get an assessment on what are the structural shifts in your body, what are the neurological behavior patterns. So as those heal and your body can actually change your perception structure and behaviors with what is happening around you. That underlying process is what we called adverse mechanical tension on the spinal cord and connective tissue is which is the root cause of many postural shifts. And many people's secondary conditions that they should put their focus on from disc, spinal arthiritis and changes in their spine. They go and try to address it with injections or surgical things without ever actually looking what are the underlying concerns going on in the neurology of their body. So I want you to understand that and get a bigger picture and think of your body like a marionette puppet.

Let’s unwind the strings that are in there so your body can hold itself in its natural state and be a proper conduit for your body’s amazing internal capacity to heal.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 4, 2016

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