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The Connection Between Running And Your Nervous System

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The Connection Between Running And Your Nervous System

When it comes to function and performance, your nervous system is in control, literally. Your central nervous system controls and coordinates every aspect of your body, from organ function and performance to adaptability. This is a widely known fact that you can find in any anatomy text, however when it comes to performance, enhancement, and function, people often look outside first. They look for things to consume or utilize outside by external means to improve performance without looking at what’s going on inside their bodies in terms of how their nervous system is functioning.

Just recently, Brad Kochi wrote an article that was published in Boulder's Daily Camera called “Ironman 70.3: Craig Alexander sees Boulder as 'hotbed for distance running'”. Kochi writes about Craig Alexander, who has won the Ironman Championship three times, and his presence at the 2016 Boulder Ironman 70.3. Alexander was in town promoting a new product: HOTSHOT, a 1.7 ounce drink that's designed prevent and treat muscle cramps by promoting neuromuscular performance and stopping cramps where they start, at the nerve level. This product unveiled its official launch in conjunction with the Boulder 70.3.

HOTSHOT is collaboration between Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist, Rod MacKinnon, and Bruce Bean, a neurobiology professor at Harvard Medical School. Together they sought to find a cure for cramping in people's bodies. In their research they concluded that cramping is not caused by dehydration or electrolyte imbalance, but instead it originates from hyper-excited motor nerves in the spinal cord.

Cramping is one of the most common physical issues that limit distance athletes as well as athletes of all types. NeuroStructural dysfunction spans all NeuroStructural behavioral changes, NeuroStructural structural changes, and changes in the perception, adaptability, and flexibility of a person's body. These dysfunctions are quite common and are most often found in people who cannot recover properly from repeated physical, emotional, or chemical stressors. Assessing NeuroStructural dysfunctions begins with a NeuroStructural behavior test called an electromyography, and continues using Neurothermal testing as well as structural weight shifts. We utilize this technology in our office at Network Family Wellness Center to help us focus on NeuroStructural Optimization.

These internal dysfunctions are often the root cause of many health challenges, performance challenges, and functional challenges, but without the proper technology, they can be overlooked. When it comes to spine- and nerve-related problems, the conventional practitioner is looking for dysfunctions that can be “solved” by external means, like injections or surgeries. However, when you assess a problem using advanced technology and an eye that is much more fine-tuned, you can help improve the function of the internal body to stop the problem from occurring or advancing to require more invasive external action.

I agree with the conclusion of the article where Alexander says: “For the past decade or so, the tendency in sports has been try to get better by external means… But now people are starting to look more internally, to try to optimize the athlete’s physical performance." That's what we have been doing in our office for nearly twenty years, and what, as a profession, has been done with the nervous system through network spinal analysis and other spinal procedures.

Article Source: http://www.dailycamera.com/sports/ci_30001167/ironman-70-3-craig-alexander-sees-boulder-hotbed?source=rss

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 24, 2016

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