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Listen to Donald Epstein, D.C., share more about what to expect in your body during each level of care. The more empowered you are about your health, the more benefit you can get out of your care…


Basic Network Spinal Analysis Care Audio- The basic level of network spinal analysis care is helping your body increase its brain body connection and release tension from the bone muscles and nerves as spinal obstructions are reduced. As your nerve system reduces its interference its better able to bring more ease. Learn more directly from the developer or network care.


Intermediate Network Care Spinal Analysis Audio – Intermediate care begins to be applied as a person’s nervous system advances it ability to make change. The type of forces used to address the spine are different and the types of response which people experience are different. They begin to experience movement develop within their musculature as their bodies are able to transform old patterns into fuel for healing and refine their nerve system communication and move towards advanced care.



Advanced Network Care Spinal Analysis Audio – Level 3 or Advance care is when the person’s nerve system reaches a higher level of neural function, efficiency, organization and coherence. Your body starts to awaken and expand even more towards their innate capacity to reorganize from within and make change.

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