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Before You Visit A Chiropractor, Read This First

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Before You Visit A Chiropractor, Read This First

Not all health care providers are created equal. Just like not all burger places are the same, neither are all acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical doctors, nor massage therapists.

Having been a chiropractor for the last 19 years, I’ve seen many people come for care not knowing why they were coming in. Before you visit any health care provider, there are a few things you should know, but this is especially true when visiting a chiropractor.

What To Know Before You Visit A Chiropractor
The first thing you want to think about before you visit a chiropractor is why you are going.

What’s the reason you’re coming in for a visit?
Are you looking to come in simply because you need a quick fix for pain?

For many people that can be an incredible gift, however most people know that, just like an over the counter pain reliever, a quick fix doesn’t get to the underlining cause of the problem. In every healing art, including chiropractic, there are conventional, quick fix health care providers.

However, many chiropractors know that a quick fix is not enough to help you be your best and make sure you don’t have recurring or larger problems in the future.

Unfortunately, chiropractic care is conventionally synonymous with cracking and popping and putting a person’s back into place. This conventional thought process, often reinforced by TV and movies, is truly not accurate and does not convey the real gift that you should expect to receive when visiting a chiropractor. The true focus of chiropractic helps a person’s NeuroStructural system maximize its efficiency, function, and organization so that the body heals better, functions better, is more flexible and more adaptable, and helps coordinate being healthy through all parts of life.

Though some people have this experience at times, a chiropractor is not there to crack your back or put your back or vertebra back into place to instantly feel better.

The focus is maximizing your health.

Spine Examinations
You should expect a chiropractor to perform an exam, and if they don’t perform an exam before working on your spine, leave. If you went to your medical doctor and they prescribed medication to you without taking your history, taking some vitals, performing a few tests, what would that be called?

That’s right: malpractice. If you’re being prescribed a medication, there should be an examination that and findings that merits the intervention. The same holds true for chiropractic care.

The people providing care for your spine need to do an appropriate examination to the spinal structure, the neural behavior, and understand your perception and experience of your body.

They can do this with a thorough examination before intervening with care. In fact, they should review those results with you so you know exactly what’s going on in terms of the state of your spinal structures, neural behavior, and how what they do would be affecting you or impacting you for the better. In fact, in the State of Colorado, chiropractors are required to do an exam.

So, if someone is not doing an exam before taking care of you, they’re actually delivering substandard care. Conversely, you should not ask a chiropractor to adjust your spine without doing an examination. You’re asking them to lessen the quality of the care that they’re providing.

Do expect them to help you heal your NeuroStructural system, which will coordinate the healing and repair of your body as a whole. The history of chiropractic as a healing art is packed with stories of people coming in with an expectation of a particular surface condition to change and then experiencing a much bigger change. Expect those kind of results and expect those kinds of miracles. Not because the practitioner is miraculous but rather because the body’s capacity to heal is miraculous when unobstructed. This is what happens when someone heals from within rather than focusing on addressing secondary conditions or surface symptoms. Be excited when they deliver more!

What To Expect From Your Chiropractor
If you have never visited a chiropractor before, be really excited when you find out that there’s so much more to it than lying down and having the doctor push on something in your body so it makes some noise and you feel a release.

Expect that when you visit a chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado, they will deliver more.

Frequently, people think of going to a chiropractor when they want to have less of something they don’t like, like fewer headaches, less back pain, less fibromyalgia pain, less knee pain, or less sciatica pain. It is very common and exciting that people experience less pain, as their spine is less obstructed and functioning better. However, you should expect to get more, too.

Expect that as a result of your spine being healthier you will have more energy, more vitality, more joy, a better quality of life, more adaptability, more well being, more function, and more flexibility. Don’t only go for what you want less of, but what you want to experience more of.

To see what you could have more of in your life, contact our office for a free pre-consultation. A pre-consultation is simply a conversation to discuss what you would like to have less of and what you would like to have more of, and see to what degree we can help you reach those goals.

Fill out the form below for a pre-consultation or call 303-998-1000.

We look forward to seeing you.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 4, 2016

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