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Practice Members Discover Headache Relief with Network Spinal Care after Chiropractic

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Practice Members Discover Headache Relief with Network Spinal Care after Chiropractic


My husband and I have been with Dr. Danny and Dr. Richel for 4 months now. We came to Dr. Danny because our old chiropractor retired and we were looking for a new chiropractor. My husband saw Dr. Danny after church and he is, “Oh! Wow, you should come and you should see Austen.”, so we did. I have seen a chiropractor my whole life. I used to wear orthopedic shoes when I was a kid because of the spine being unaligned.   I have had back issues my whole life. And so, I was a little skeptical, when we started at Network because, I was used to the crack (cracking sound) type of thing that went on and that was not happening and I was like, “Oh! Please can you just push this a little harder.. (I was like) Can you just push right there, right there.”, because I was always looking for kind of that, really, but my husband and I have been patients over at Network we really experience some good health, I believe I get a headache. That is when I knew that I had to a chiropractor back before I was with Dr. Danny, I would wait until I had severe headaches and I say, “Oh! That must be my spine out of the line and I had to go to my chiropractor. ” That was my clue and so, I do not have the headaches anymore. My back is definitely better. I feel more balanced. We brought our daughter in to see Dr. Danny just a couple of weeks ago to get her going, help her to. So I would definitely recommend the gentle touch it is still sometimes, I am like, “Okay. Not sure. But it seems to be working so not exactly sure how but I will just go with the fact that it is working.”

By networkwellnesscentersMay 18, 2012

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