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practice member shares how Boulder chiropractor helped with migraines and lower back pain

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practice member shares how Boulder chiropractor helped with migraines and lower back pain


Before I visited NFWC, I’ve been suffering from migraines and major discomfort in my lower back.  It’s not a surprise to have this as this is one of the most common health concerns of someone my age.  At first I thought the pain will go away after a few days or weeks if I leave it alone, but it didn’t.  The pain became unpredictable and it started to affect and delay my day to day activities.  So that’s when I realized I needed professional to help of a chiropractor.



I assume like any other patient, at first, I was a bit anxious because I wasn’t familiar with what the process would be, how fast I can expect results and if recovery would be long term.  All I heard is that chiropractic care focuses on health issues of the spine.



After my first spinal analysis, the course of my recovery began.  Every visit, I was asked questions, evaluated, educated and had my back adjusted.  And at the end of every visit, I felt major relief on my lower back.  Aside from that, frequency of my migraines were significantly lessened.



I would like to extend my thanks to you, Dr. Danny and Richelle Knowles, DC and to all the staff of NFWC for helping me feel better!



-Cissy Clark

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 10, 2013

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