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Olympians Striving To Be Their Best

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Olympians Striving To Be Their Best

Usain Bolt with Chiropractor at Olympics

Every four years we get to see something very exciting: People performing at their best. Personally, I always get inspired by people who excel, whether it be a musician, an actor, an actress, an athlete, or people doing their everyday home and work roles. There are times when you’re around people, and you just really know that they’re about excellence.

One of my favorite things about watching the Olympics this year was seeing so many athletes receiving chiropractic care at the Olympics. The photos of Usain Bolt getting adjusted were particularly inspiring. It was very gratifying because I know why they’re getting adjusted. People of excellence, people who are working to be at their best, know they don’t wait for something to be wrong and then try to fix themselves. They do things every single day in multiple areas of their lives to improve who they are and invest in their own value.

Watching the Olympians get chiropractic care we weren’t thinking, “Wow, I wonder if they’re hurt or what’s wrong with them that they’re getting adjusted.” In fact it was just the opposite, “Wow, that’s so cool. They’re getting care for their spine to help them perform at their best.”

Here’s the thing: Usain Bolt has a level of fitness that very few people reading this are ever going to achieve. However, even at his level of performance and care, he knows chiropractic care helps him feel and function at his best. Now for the average US citizen, going nine for nine winning gold medals might not be in the cards but being the best they can be is possible and it starts by being proactive. Problems tend to get worse if you only care for yourself re-actively. Reacting to problems and fixing them is not the way to be your best; that’s crisis care. Going to a doctor only when you’re sick or have a problem, has nothing to do with health, it has to do with treating disease.

Peak performers in every area know that if you want to be your best, if you want to feel and function at your best, taking care of yourself before you have a problem is crucial. There are a multitude of ways to truly take care of yourself including chiropractic care. Why chiropractic care? Because your NeuroStructural system controls and coordinates every aspect of your life and who you are. When it’s not at its best, you’re not at your best. Obstructions in that system, like changes in NeuroStructural Structure or NeuroStructural Behavior, severely impact your perception of your body, life, and the world around you, and ultimately, decrease your quality of life and your life experience.

Bottom line, whether you’re an Olympian or a weekend warrior, if you want to be at your best your NeuroStructural system has to be at its best as well. To discover if you can feel and function better, fill out the form below to visit us for a complementary consultation to discuss your health goals, what you may want to experience less of, and what you may want to experience more of.

By networkwellnesscentersSeptember 9, 2016

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