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Drs. Knowles Announced as a Presenters at the 12th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium

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Drs. Knowles Announced as a Presenters at the 12th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium

Dr Knowles presenting at IRPS

Boulder, Colorado – Network Family Wellness Center announces it will be a presenter at the upcoming 12th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium on October 10-11, 2015, at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.   Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. who founded the center, will be presenting the results of a research study of X-ray changes from hundreds of patients in their practice.  Their presentation is the abstract for the first documented research for a large population group showing a low -force approach in making changes to a person’s structure on film in the history of chiropractic.


Dr. Richelle Knowles, and I are very grateful for the opportunity to share leading research and information at such a prestigious event,” said Dr. Daniel Knowles, doctor of chiropractic and co-founder of the Network Family Wellness Center. “It is gratifying to help advance the science and art of chiropractic. Getting this kind of information into the research literature is important to help increase public awareness of the importance of the spine and the real, sustainable changes that can happen when people have quality chiropractic care.”


Network Family Wellness Center is known for its unique and skilled approach to natural chiropractic care.   Unlike conventional chiropractor offices, their practice is based on an advanced approach that focuses on NeuroStructural Optimization by assessing and addressing the body’s underlying NeuroStructural structural, behavioral and perception concerns so a patient’s spine can reorganize and retrain to healthier functioning.  This approach to health care places the focus on improving how patient’s felt and function and most importantly their quality of life.


About Network Family Wellness Centers


Network Family Wellness Center is a premier provider of chiropractic services in Boulder County, Colorado.   The center’s team is known not only for its patient work but also for the training and resources provided to colleagues in the chiropractic field.  The doctors train practitioners all over the world as well as at their annual Mile High Event that takes place locally each August and is geared toward life-changing focus, successful service and sharing the heart of chiropractic philosophy art and science.


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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 11, 2015

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