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The NFWC Team Leads the Way in Spinal Chiropractic Research

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The NFWC Team Leads the Way in Spinal Chiropractic Research

Chiropractors with new spinal research

If you are familiar with our practice, then you know it is our unique focus differentiates us from many conventional chiropractic offices.  The effects of neurological, behavioral and structural shifts alter alignment and nerve system integrity which can lead to a reduced quality of life and unnecessary health concerns as well as pain. We have been given the opportunity to channel the powerful work we’ve accomplished here in Boulder into our newest peer-reviewed paper. The article, Reorganization of the Cervical Curve & Improved Quality of Life Following Network Spinal Analysis Care: A Case Study, was published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research on December 7th , 2015.



Our Latest Research


This latest case study into spinal reorganization, explores the reorganization abilities of the cervical curve and how the quality of life of those with chronic pain can be improved by continued spinal chiropractic care. Our integrated holistic approach to spinal care incorporates techniques that center on the dissipation of spinal tension and the ability of the spine to retrain, reorganize and self correct. Much of our published research in the field has shown the improvements that can be achieved through spinal care that develops and enhances your body’s ability to heal and learn to reorganize NeuroStructural dysfunctions known as vertebral subluxations. Our innovative approach sets us apart from the conventional chiropractic field in Boulder. Not only are we using the latest in leading-edge chiropractic and spinal technologies to determine the state of your spinal, neural, and systemic health, but we are also furthering research into the field to increase awareness of best patient benefiting practices.


Radiographs and xrays of patients neck curve


Our Ongoing Mission


We believe that great spinal care starts with understanding what is happening inside the patient’s body. Our computerized assessment tools allow us to form a picture of your overall state of health, including your heart rate variability and your regions of physical, spinal, postural, and neurological stress. We are then able to use what we’ve discovered to formulate a detailed spinal health profile that also includes a unique wellness score called the core score. This  provides a window into the internal functioning of your various systems.  We can use this information to determine the primary neuro-spinal concerns that may be related to secondary concerns such as disc problems, pain syndromes, organic conditions and more that you may be experiencing. This amazing technology allows us to customize a persons care to focus on reducing and eliminating the spinal and neurological tension related to and caused by subluxations, and our holistic approach enhances your body’s ability to heal and reorganize.



Our latest paper supports this subluxation research and explores how the techniques I’ve mentioned can contribute to a structural improvement of the cervical curve. This case study explores improvements to the quality of life for pain sufferers and those with chronic illnesses. We are humbled by the opportunity to continue on this path to further science that we believe is life changing. We are committed to helping advance the science and art of chiropractic care. We will continue to explore the sustainable changes that can occur when people have access to quality chiropractic care.



Receive a complimentary consultation to have your spine assessed for NeuroStructural integrity here at Network Family Wellness Center.


The abstract of the paper can be found at Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research.


By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 11, 2015

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