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New Beastie Boy Addition at Network Family Wellness Center

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New Beastie Boy Addition at Network Family Wellness Center

Beastie Boys shirt at chiropractic center

Beastie boys shitr for blog postWhen you come into Network Family Wellness Center next to visit your chiropractor, please notice the new addition in the reception area of your Boulder, Colorado Chiropractic office. There’s a yellow autographed Beastie Boys shirt from several years ago that my thoughtful wife, Richelle Knowles, D.C. framed and put up in the office.

And there’s a story behind it…

A few years back I was going with a friend of mine to a Beastie Boys concert (yes, they are my favorite band of all time). And my friend, a fellow network practitioner, said that he knew the band and we could go backstage and connect with them. Well, we brought our chiropractic tables and went backstage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and got to take care of all of the Beastie Boys as well as band members and roadies. It was a very fun couple of hours and they were extremely grateful about their experience and what they noticed.

Here’s a very interesting thing about it that has to do with healing: When I was describing Network Spinal Analysis care and the process of spine and nervous system re-organize to Adam Yauch, aka MCA, he asked me a very intelligent question: “How do you change the pattern?”, I was explaining to him the different patterns that can happen in a person’s nerve system and why we take care of them and his brain immediately went to “well how do you change the pattern.”

When someone thinks of re-organizing instead of restoring, they don’t think “how we eliminate the symptom or condition” so we are back where we were before; they think well “how I make lasting sustainable change”. This is what makes our office different than conventional chiropractic offices. Rather than working on restoring a person to a prior minimal state, where they don’t have an experience of a particular distress, the goals of care  at Network Family Wellness Center are to focus on the spine and nervous system achieving sustainable re-organization where the person’s body continues on an upward spiral and a greater experience to their quality of life.

One can focus on a restorative approach to their health and life with many different modalities including Chiropractic.  However this generally only focuses on the surface-level presenting symptoms.  A re-organizational approach focuses on the upward spiral people can have in their life as they continue to improve their adaptability improve their function make changes in their behavior structure and perception as well as improve their quality of life.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesOctober 2, 2015

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