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Neck Tip For Your Spine

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Neck Tip For Your Spine

Like it or not mobile device usage has become a significant part of our daily life. As someone who works with a person’s structure and nerve system daily for over 20 years, we are consistently seeing some of the worst changes to structure in the last five years. This tip will help you understand why how you hold your mobile device is important and what to do differently you do not want your phone to become a pain in the neck.

The effects of shifting your head anterior are far-reaching including affecting a person’s neck, arm, hands, fingers as well as their fight or flight response stress hormones anxiety depression and how they breathe.

Do you have room in your life for a healthier spine? Discover if you’re NeuroStructure could be optimized.

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“Daniel Knowles here from Network Family Wellness Center in Boulder Colorado, I have a tip for you on using this device properly that I would like you to pay attention to. Because, so often I see it every single day in my office walking around town and when you see a grocery store or anybody online, how they use the device. Predominantly when people are using one of these devices they are looking like this and they are looking downshifting the structure of their spine interior putting pressure on their neck and on the muscles, and on the nerves, thus causing damage. I want you to understand what to do differently and why this is important. First of all why is it important, to understand that a couple reasons. Number one, this 10-12 pound head that you have sitting on top of your spinal structure when you translated forward even an inch that creates 6 times in the downwards pressure which means that becomes like six bowling balls on top of your spine position forward creating downwards pressure. This is really a challenge and you see it every day when people do this at work in front of their computer, they do it when they’re driving their car, they do it at home watching TV, they do it at the dinner table, but the really do it when they do this and they do it for hours a day when they’re texting, their spine, that can create a reversal in the structure of the person’s neck and that creates more problems as that compounds into secondary concerns in a person’s body. So I would like you to understand that a little bit more and most importantly know what to do differently so that you can have a different experience of this for your body and not create problems. The big thing that happens is this when a person shifts their head forward and downwards their spinal cord and connective tissue actually stretch and elongate much line an accordion elongates and when that happens, a few things happen to your nerves. One, most importantly it creates nerve pressure and changes conduction of nerves. The other thing that happens is that blood vessels get stretched and as those blood vessels get stretched they can’t oxygenate the nerves and nerves literally die over time from lack of oxygen because that’s their nourishment the other that happens is a person has a change in their emotional state. Yes, their emotional state. When a person’s body stretches forward like this and just thin of the body position when someone does this to their head. What do they feel energized or they feel tired and depressed and fatigued and their muscles may be fatigued and the vertebrae may feel fatigue and they may feel pain and distressed but the other thing is it shifts their emotional state they more shift towards what’s called a sympathetic state more adrenaline, more cortisol, more stress hormones. And those stress hormones literally make things, like make them live their life as if they are living in more distress like this have red-alert going in their body all the time so what happened is when they are looking at one of these devices and they are looking at the information that is coming in it literally gets tagged with a different emotional content and so those pixels on the screen become really real and they start to replace your real life with what’s going on here as something because something that’s really important maybe even life-threatening or something that’s disturbing even though it’s not just because of the position of a person’s body and then as a person lives their life in this position their whole world seems to be in more distress and that distress becomes something that they are baiting in and they have more stress hormones, more adrenaline, more cortisol, more fear and they react to their real life a lot differently. It’s hard for them to access their higher brain, their higher thought, their higher emotion, and they tend to think more in this alert defensive response stressful state and I see this all the time. In addition then thy start to develop more secondary things like hunching in their upper body often called a dowager’s hump or a granny’s hump and also it can create stress and the nerves that go to their arms and fingers and shoulders and thyroid and really that downward pressure even affects significantly their lower back and lumbar spine. So here’s the top that you want to change anytime you are using this device, do you best to have it at this eye level instead of going like this, bring it up here so you are looking at eye level at your device and that will help significantly decrease that especially if you are doing it for hours a day. So take 2 fingers, type on it and then text this way and while you are it look up our office www.networkwellnesscenters.com and you can check out our blog and the information we put there like this for helping you maximize your health and well-being. If you want to know if we can help your structure and your nervous system and if that has been compromised call us today at (303) 998-1000 and we will just simply offer you a complimentary consultation and a complimentary consultation really just a conversation. We will talk to you about what is going on with you and what you might want to have less of relative to your experience your body and your health and what you like to have more of in terms of your health, what your health care goals, dreams, aspirations and what you would like to experience would be and we would see what procedures would be appropriate in terms of examining what’s there and seeing if we can help you and if you are a candidate for care and what would be necessary to help you move forward with your health and well-being. Remember this tip; do not do this with the position of your body when you are using your device. Hold it like this, Hold it to eye level and this will make a big difference in your experience, your life, your well-being and your future, add quality to your days by not living in space when you are responding to everything as if it’s life-threatening because your body’s shifting into a adrenaline inflammatory sympathetic, fight to flight response. And we would like to get to know you better. Contact us at www.networkwellnescenters.com. We are in Boulder Colorado.”

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesOctober 1, 2017

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