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Doctor supervised weight loss


There are many weight loss programs out there. Of course we want to feel good and look good, however losing only 5 pounds can significantly impact your health risk factors. Being overweight can increase your risk for diabetes, cardiac disease, stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol, and certain forms of cancer. We have a wide variety of tools available which are customized based on age, current health status, and how much weight is desired to be dropped. The doctor will work with you based on your individual needs, timeline and budget. This can be as simple as a diet change and can be as dramatic as diet, detoxing, hormones, exercise and massage. We are here to integrate healthy choices and strategies into your lifestyle to help you maintain a healthy weight. Obviously if you’re in pain, you will not be able to exercise as easily, so if this is an issue and there is any physical limitation to you exercising, then this may need to be addressed as well. Average results on this custom reorganizational weight loss program are 1-2 lbs a day over 30-60 days. Losing weight now can drastically reduce or prevent risk factors of many chronic conditions. Since we are working with metabolism, food management, hormones and your choices, these are long standing changes. Whatever your motivation may be… health, fitness, family, longevity, confidence… all are worthy reasons to start your weight loss now



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Looking to drop some weight but not ready to fail on yet ANOTHER diet or weight loss fad?



What if you could drop a GUARANTEED pound per day of ugly, jiggly, life-sucking fat from your body? If you’re like me, you’d probably say something like “Yeah, right! Sounds like another scam. All hype and no results.”



Well you might want to listen to a few real people and their real results.



Dr Richelle and I just lost a combined 50 pounds in 40 days! And are healthier and have more energy than ever!”



Did I mention results are TYPICAL?
No hype here simply honest solutions you can implement…



We’re hosting a FREE “Ultimate Fat Loss” workshop for you to come and learn more about the latest in Weight Loss, Alkalizing your body, balancing your hormones, detoxing, reducing cortisol, cleaning up your diet, getting healthy and much more. You need to make an informed decision about your weight loss plan without a lot of hype and high pressure sales.




There will be no obligation to buy anything and nothing to sell. Simply powerful information that could change your life


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