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Consultation and Gift Certificate

Visit us for a complimentary initial consultation at Boulder’s best reviewed chiropractic wellness center.


We invite you to an initial complimentary consultation, and the opportunity to utilize a $50 gift certificate towards your initial evaluation which includes your first network adjustment session… read on to find out more.


Frankly what makes us different is what makes us great and we invite you to find that out firsthand. It is our belief that you should be able to make this decision without any pressure, gimmicks or obligation. And it is this that has people raving about their first visit in our office and our straightforward, honest approach during people’s experience at their initial consultation.


Our consultation is simply a friendly conversation best described in 3 parts.


First – You will have the opportunity to tell us about your needs and what you’re looking for.


Second – We will provide with as much insight as we can relative to your health situation and concerns.


Third – We will share with how we would assess your health situation and what makes us different.


Our complimentary consultation is not a commitment. Many practitioners have you in the exam room and receiving some kind of care or treatment before they even say hello. That just doesn’t seem right to us. After all, most people don’t buy a car and then read the brochure. It’s usually the other way around. For most, the car they choose is an important decision. They want it to look good, require minimal maintenance and take them where they want to go when they want to go there. We believe the roads one chooses to travel in their journey towards greater health and well-being are AT LEAST as important as choosing a car. Our consultation is simply your opportunity to “read the brochure first”.
The consultation will take about 20 minutes, more or less, after which you’ll have the chance to choose to have an evaluation. There’s no obligation. We always leave evaluation time available right after once we determine what the assessment procedures are that would be appropriate for you, should you choose to proceed.


It is our belief that when it comes to your body YOU are the expert and informed choice is YOUR birth right. Simply said, learning more about you and giving you the information you need to make an informed choice is the objective of this invitation.


Grab your $50 gift certificate towards evaluation procedures that also include your first network session (your test drive) by entering your information in the form below. We will get back to you schedule the best time for your consultation. Or better yet call 303.998.1000 today and discover the network difference.

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