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lower back pain decreased and well-being increased from chiropractic in Boulder

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lower back pain decreased and well-being increased from chiropractic in Boulder


At first, I thought that having this back pain is just normal. Thinking that it will eventually disappear as days go by. But I was wrong, the pain got worse. It’s giving me a hard time to walk, to move and to do daily chores.



I told my friend, Joan, about my condition. About how it affects my daily routine and how I suffer from it. She told me that she also had the same condition before. I couldn’t believe it at first because as I can see, she can move freely. She told me about Network Family Wellness and how the program helped her.



I went to the center got evaluated. They said that the back pain I’m experiencing was because of 4 compressed lumbar discs. Seeing my friend Joan receiving good care and results from the Drs., I decided to go on with the program.



I felt the results immediately. Being healed physically and mentally, I recovered at a fast pace and it was great. The pain gradually disappeared from tolerable to none. I even had a gained a sense of over-all well being because of the encouragement I’m receiving from the Drs. and the staff.



I will continue to receive care from the Network because the benefits seems like limitless. It’s like being healed wholly. I would like to achieve this life-long wellness. Thanks for the ever loving staff. And a big thanks to Danny Knowles DC and Richelle Knowles DC for the help and guidance they gave me.



JoAnne Hyde



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJanuary 28, 2013

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