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Love Your Disease it is keeping you Healthy

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Love Your Disease it is keeping you Healthy

There are many modalities you can do in health care and disease care to fix your injuries, ailments, symptoms or distress.  Whether something is natural or artificial, a drug or an herb, a therapy or a form of bodywork the goal is still to return you to the state you were in before you had the injury, disease, symptom or problem that has disrupted your life.  The problem is that this is returning you to the state that developed the problem!


Your symptom, condition or problem didn’t make you sick, trying to eliminate it won’t make you well.  Your symptom or distress is the end result of the life you have lived up until it happened!  It is the messenger that is letting you know to pay attention, to change course, to do something different, to wake up.   Fixing the condition will not make you well, it just delays you learning something from your body about the life you have lived.


Symptoms and diseases are the chaos to take us off the track we are on.  Rather than follow their cue we have been taught to eliminate the chaos and return to life as we knew it before the problem arose. But that is not good enough anymore.  When the alarm goes off you can only hit the snooze button so many times before it causes another problem.


We don’t want to be another attempt at a quick fix for you that simply keeps you on the same path your health and life is going.  There are plenty of these options out there.  Network care is your long term solution to develop new internal strategies for a whole new you.  As your spine and nerve system gets healthier a new you is built.  As opposed to fixing individual structural distortions or injuries we are helping your body develop the ability to better support itself, protect your nerve system and adapt to life stresses.  A stronger healthier internal environment is created as your nerve system evolves with internal tools for healing from within. This allows you to better hear that voice inside.  To receive the subtle messages of your body that are directing you before they get so loud and severe that you want to silence the messenger. Taking the path of silencing the messenger is ok… but you must remember that the next messenger that comes will speak even louder, be more toxic and more disruptive to your life as you know it.


As your spine and nerve system gets healthier you are more connected to your source.  The subtle cues of your body mind become more apparent so you are self directed to make healthier choices and to direct your life.  The goal is not to feel nothing, you can do that with a number of things from aspirin to alcohol.  The goal of becoming healthier and more whole is to FEEL EVERYTHING!


There’s Magic in a Healthy Spine!

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 13, 2015

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