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Learn More About Therapy Massage And The Benefits From A Chiropractor In Boulder

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Learn More About Therapy Massage And The Benefits From A Chiropractor In Boulder

Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractic team, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C. Offer massage therapy to local patients. These natural techniques are beneficial in reducing pain, relieving stress and promoting healing.



PRESS RELEASE: Boulder CO, 14-DEC-2012 – Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractor team members, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C., and Dr. Richelle Knowles D. C., are pleased to announce that the Center offers several types of massage therapy to assist local residents in recovery from accidents, stress reduction, and pain relief. Depending upon the type of initial assessment, the right type of massage can be suggested and applied.



There are several types of massage. Some are accomplished through the hands-on techniques of the practitioner. Sometimes, electronic devices or mechanical tools can be used to provide the massage. The purpose, in each instance is to enhance blood circulation in the targeted area of the body.



The increased flow of blood brings nutritional elements to an injured area of the body. This results in healing at the cellular level. Blood flow also carries away the damaged cells and toxins that are normal when an injury happens to body tissue. In many instances, speeding up the flow of healthy cells to the area is the most beneficial aspect of massage.



Rather than using chemicals and medications to reduce stress, many patients will find that a relaxing massage will be helpful. In fact the results of a stress reduction massage will last longer than many other types of therapy. Dr. Knowles also encourages patients to make lifestyle changes to further enhance the benefits of massage.



Another aspect of massage therapy is that it can increase the effectiveness of other types of chiropractic techniques. For example, muscles in the back or shoulders that are in spasm can be relaxed in order to allow the chiropractor to be able to realign the spine more easily.



Learn more about the helpful benefits of massage therapy and how it can reduce pain and stress by accessing the link below at http://networkwellnesscenters.com today. Members of the press and other individuals who need more information about the details of this press release should contact the doctors at the location identified below.



Contact Person Names: Dr. Daniel Knowles, D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C.

Company Name: Network Family Wellness Center

Address: 1715 15th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Contact Telephone Number: (303) 998-1000

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://networkwellnesscenters.com

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 26, 2012

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