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Landmark research has once again been published on the chiropractic methodology that Network Family Wellness Center focuses on. Our research page provides links and information on the research and evidence of the benefits behind our care, but this new leading-edge information creates an incredible potential bridge between the Neuro-biophysical model and chiropractic that has never been found before.

Electrical engineering research students at the University of Southern California have been studying the mathematics behind the unique spinal wave that is generated in network spinal analysis chiropractic care. This research on the electrophysiology of the network waves reinforcing the paradigms suggested by Danish researchers, Heimberg and Jackson, which proposes that the Nerve system communicates through acoustic or pulse pressure waves, and that the electrical signal is likely a byproduct of the communication. These results and models suggest very strong links between the original foundation and foundational principals of D.D. Palmer’s concept of “tone” that chiropractic has been based upon for a century.

This research was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine as well as Science Direct. The Association for Reorganizational Healing Practices Press release on the research is here

It was also picked up by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation in an article titled “Unique Nerve Signal Propagation Discovered in Chiropractic”.

This new evidence links subluxation to adverse mechanical spinal cord tension and postural, chemical, emotional, and mental, and other stressful stimuli as to how they impact nerve communication. This further reinforces the relationship between a healthy spine and a healthy you. We have communicated for years that improving the integrity of your NeuroStructural system is not simply about feeling better, but it’s about healing better. When a person has optimal, coherent nervous system signals and communication, as discovered and demonstrated in this research, it yields greater adaptability, reduced internal tension, improved function, and conserved energy for health and well-being.

As the NeuroStructural system coordinates all the function in the body, a strong, healthy, well-aligned spine is more important than ever to a person’s well being.

This research demonstrates yet again the evidence in favor of NeuroStructural Optimization through Network Spinal Analysis. Is your spine strong, healthy, and well-aligned? Find out by letting us get to know you through a conversation at a free pre-consultation. We’d love to discuss how you feel, what you would like to have less of in terms of your experience of your body, and what you would like to have more of. Please call us today to set up a free pre-consultation.

By networkwellnesscentersDecember 2, 2016

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