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How we get the Most out of your Supplements?

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How we get the Most out of your Supplements?

It is very wise these days to supplement your nutrition with additional support. However, how do you maximize the supplements in terms of your body actually getting to use what you are taking in and making sure it’s not just going out. Dr. Tecia Pitts, DC give a very important tip relative to the relationship between your digestive system and the part of your body that controls and coordinates everything. Learn more about you and your health at www.NetworkWellnessCenters.com. Call us at 303-998-1000 to have a complimentary consultation and see if we can help you have less of what you don’t like and more of what you do want in your life.

“Hey everybody Dr. Tecia here from Network Family Wellness Center and I am here at The vitamin Shop with these great people. And I just want to talk a little bit about your nervous system and how it affects the supplements that you may be taking. Now, remember your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in your body including digestion and absorption. So its really important to make sure that you have a fully functioning nervous system so that you get the most out of the supplements that you are taking. Cause if you don’t have a fully functioning nervous system you really could be throwing money down the tomb, literally. So also remember to read the labels of the supplements that you are taking and take the recommended doses. This is not the situation where more is better and if you are interested in getting a Neuro Spinal Evaluation check us out online or Facebook at Network Family Wellness Center or at ww.NetworkWellnessCenters.com. Also if you have any questions about supplements or vitamins and minerals come check out the great folks here at the Vitamin Shop. They will definitely take care of you give you the best quality price and prize through your money. So this is my healthy tip for the day, Thank you so much and keep in touch see you next time!” Dr. Tecia Pitts DC”

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 22, 2017

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