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How to Keep Your Spine Healthy While Traveling

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How to Keep Your Spine Healthy While Traveling

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The holiday season is already upon us which is the most highly travel time of the year.  One of my favorite movies is “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”, which also happens to be the way most people do their traveling in order to get home for the holidays along with having some pumpkin pie as the song goes!   Of course with all this traveling it usually brings a lot of stress, whether it is physical, emotional or chemical types of stresses.


In its physical form, it could be something as simple as sitting in an uncomfortable airplane with no room to stretch out, or even sitting in the car for long periods of time, which our bodies are not designed to do.


Chemical Stressors

Chemical stresses however come in the form of foods and drinks.  All this sugar, alcohol and caffeine is usually too much intake compared to what many would usually eat normally.  This puts an extra stress to our nervous system and it has a lot to deal with on a normal day anyway.


Emotional Stressors

Emotional stress on the other hand fits into many categories, such as our range of expectations for the holidays, getting shopping done, family gatherings and a whole lot more.  These types of stresses put even more demands on our nervous system and increasing the priority of keeping our spine and nerve system strong, happy and healthy and of course staying well-aligned.


We need to stay consistent with our healthy choices to stay well during the times of increased stress by receiving care to keep your spine healthy and aligned well, along with making sure that the nervous system can be adaptable too.


Staying Healthy While Traveling

One of the things that are recommended that you do when traveling and especially for long periods of sitting around in the car or the airplane is to have good proper back support for the lower spine.  This is the most common area that affects people when they travel.  We like and recommend a using a back vitalizer. A back vitalizer is a multi-functional air pillow that relieves multiple areas of back stress and is great for anyone that sits for a very long period of time. Placed behind your back while in a chair, it will help function as a lower lumbar support system.  If you sit on it, it will seem similar to being on an exercise ball. This also can be used in a way to exercise the lower spine and will help with support so that you don’t increase spinal stresses to create more problems while you are traveling.


In addition, remember that spinal adjustments are a very important priority by reducing nerve pressure on spinal subluxations regular adjustments are essential to a strong healthy well aligned spine.  If you haven’t ever had your nerve system checked, now is the time to do so.  This will check to see if any neural spinal dysfunctions have taken place, which may have caused you to experience any neurological shifts or structural shifts that might have impacted your health and overall well-being.


This is the perfect time to get your spine checked or increase your visits to maximize your adaptability now and during the year.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 25, 2015

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