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How Spinal Adjustments Helped Us Upgrade Our Personal and Professional Lives

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How Spinal Adjustments Helped Us Upgrade Our Personal and Professional Lives

Patients who benefited from chiropractic care

When constant pain is freezing your daily activities, it becomes virtually impossible to focus on the things that matter to you the most. Karen and Danny P. have been struggling to find an effective long-term remedy for persistent neck and back pain for years in a row. After their first trip to Network Family Wellness Center, their lives have started to take a very unexpected turn.



Why We Came to NFWC



After cleaning for 30 years, my body was in bad shape, and I didn’t know if I would be able to continue running my business. I felt hopeless and doomed to never get better until two of my friends recommended NFWC,” states Karen. At the same time, Danny was no stranger to stubborn, disruptive painful episodes.



What is chiropractic care button




“I came for pain relief. I fell off a building and compression fractured my back and neck. My arms were always going numb,” remembers Danny. Luckily, the friendly chiropractors from NFWC have found a way to address all these issues and put both Danny and Karen on the right path towards healthier spines, improved posture and increased quality of life.



Something Feels Different



“I have better balance and posture. I do not get sick nearly as much, and I recover more quickly. I know I still have a long way to go but I know I am on my way to maintaining a healthy spine,” explains Karen. Danny is also witnessing major signs of improvement triggered by the delicate adjustments delivered by the NFWC staff members.



I am no longer in pain all the time, and there is no more numbness in my arms. The functions of my body have improved greatly,” reveals Danny, who is extremely pleased with his rapid progress.



Why We Continue to Receive Care



Half a year after her first appointment, Karen is certain that her connection with her own body is now much stronger.




“After just six months I have seen enough to know that the care I receive here is doing something and I am headed in a better direction. Spinal care will not only be a part of my health plan, but my primary care before seeking medical care. I plan to have care for the rest of my life!I am so thankful for the care I receive here and the support from the doctors and staff!!” says Karen.



For Danny, these excellent results mark the debut of a new medication-free and pain-free life. He is no longer forced to depend on pills and other more or less reliable remedies to keep his pain under control.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesAugust 25, 2014

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