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How Spectacular Chiropractic Results Helped Me Overcome the Effects of a Brain Injury

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How Spectacular Chiropractic Results Helped Me Overcome the Effects of a Brain Injury

World-class chiropractic care can help prevent spinal problems that could cause pain, but it can also heal the effects of old injuries that can continue to affect quality of life for years.A smooth, trouble-free recovery starts with a trip to Network Family Wellness Center, a nurturing environment that encourages patients of all ages to reinforce their connection with their own bodies, stimulate their self-corrective capabilities and help create a healthier future for themselves.



Why I came to NFWC



Nancy is one of the many people who have relied on the first-class chiropractic experts from NFWC to change her life for the best.



“I came to Network to further my recovery from a minor brain injury. I had been two years into recovery when I knew the next step was to begin treatments with NFWC,” says Nancy.



The Chiropractic Results That Have Awakened My Vital Force

Nancy suffered an accident that resulted in a brain injury. It changed her entire life in the blink of an eye. Instead of sinking into depression, she decided to fight back. Nancy did not lose hope. Her quest for healing brought her to Network Family Wellness Center, where she received chiropractic care from Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.



“There is no doubt in my mind that these treatments are healing my nervous system and supporting my recovery from the accident. My body systems are stronger now and continue to recover,” says Nancy.



Why I Continue to Receive Care

A full recovery is a journey, not a destination. No matter what kind of medical attention you are receiving, you cannot expect to witness overnight results, especially when serious issues like brain injuries are involved. Nancy C. is fully aware of this fact.   Lots of patience, self-motivation, perseverance and first-class chiropractic care  represent the main elements comprised by her secret recipe for success.



Nancy knows that her appointments with NFWC have paid off. She has gradually gained more control over her own body and has awakened and amplified her self-healing capabilities. “I continue care because I continue seeing and feeling my body get better and better. “Just the tip of the iceberg!” as Dr. Danny says,” affirms Nancy. Every single day, she succeeds in strengthening a deeper connection with her body, which brings her once step closer to a full recovery.




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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 3, 2014

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