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How Chiropractic Care Can Become the Perfect Solution for Your Everyday Mix of Health Problems

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How Chiropractic Care Can Become the Perfect Solution for Your Everyday Mix of Health Problems

Chiropractic patient with a variety of ailments

How many people can still afford the luxury to take a few days off work, clear their head and pay attention to the signals that their bodies are sending them? An incorrect posture, a poor daily diet and a great variety of stressors are only a few of the main factors that impact our well being, leaving deep scars on our bodies. The problem is that these scars aren’t always visible. In some cases, abnormalities are noticed later on, only when they are associated with pain or an elevated, persistent discomfort.



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Why I Came to NFWC



Mary Bridges has recently found out what is means to let pain dictate your course of action. “My quality of life was affected by chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, fatigue, slow metabolism, depression and poor overall health,” remembers Mary. Fortunately, she has always been determined to get to the root of every single problem that she would encounter. This is why she decided to schedule her first appointment with the chiropractic experts from Network Family Wellness Center.




Chiropractic Results



After her first chiropractic session, Mary has regained confidence in her own bodily strength. She is no longer forced to cope with depression and is now more able to handle and decrease the frequency of her painful episodes.



The results never cease to amaze her: “Much less pain, more energy, depression GONE, making better choices about my diet and starting a walking program. The most amazing thing for me is amount of hope I now feel,” affirms Mary.



Why I Continue to Receive Care



Once you finally stumble across your gold fish, would you really be willing to forget all about your wish and just throw it back into the water? NFWC has restored Mary’s interior and exterior balance, so she wants to keep up the good work.



“I have been struggling for several years. Network Family Wellness Center has given me back my desire to live life healthfully, happily and to the fullest! I want to continue to improve physically, mentally and spiritually. I know NFWC is a part of that journey,” explains Mary, who now realizes that chiropractic care has contributed a great deal to her current pain-free, extraordinarily fulfilling lifestyle.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 5, 2014

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