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High Testosterone Levels DECREASE The Chances Of A Heart Attack By 30%

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High Testosterone Levels DECREASE The Chances Of A Heart Attack By 30%

High Testosterone Levels  DECREASE The Chances

Of A Heart Attack By 30%


~Temecula, CA    I’m not sure of your levels of testosterone, if you’re worried about a heart attack, if you’ve had one before, or you just don’t care, but if you’re over 30… you probably are “low” in testosterone and you should pay attention to what I’m going to tell you in this flyer.



Low testosterone levels in middle aged and older men are LINKED to premature DEATH, type 2 diabetes, decreased muscle mass, depression, decreased sexual performance and cardiovascular disease. Not good signs of being healthy if you know what I mean?



I found a Swedish study that showed that men with the highest blood levels of testosterone (the top 23 percent; which meant a testosterone level of greater than 550 ng/dl) had a 30 percent reduced risk of heart attack… than men with lower levels of testosterone.



This was a great study because first of all it was a five year study and secondly, they examined nearly 2,500 men, aged 69-81 and checked their levels of testosterone throughout the study, so they knew if testosterone was really that important.



Here’s something else they found out. Death rates were also lower in men with the lowest levels of steroid hormone-binding globulin — an important chemical determining the levels of biologically active FREE testosterone. The effects of using a specialized testosterone on preventing premature death from heart disease are unknown. (Journal of American College Cardiology, 58:1674-1681, 2011)



    If you want to get started on a specialized testosterone crème that is now available, ask me or my staff. We’ll get you started on this amazing testosterone crème from West Coast the very same day. You’ll be a raving fan of this creme, once you see the changes. Get yours today.



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