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Helping Locals Feel and Function Better With An Unconventional Approach

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Helping Locals Feel and Function Better With An Unconventional Approach

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An Unconventional Approach to Healthcare and Chiropractic

In our current healthcare landscape, people are often presented with and indoctrinated into the conventional approaches, which are generally focused around getting the quick fix or quick release. Irrespective of the healing art, people can experience relief using this “band-aid” type of approach, while at the same time leaving the underlying real concern unresolved.

Conventionally, most chiropractic specialists focus on fixing surface injuries, temporarily relieving pain, helping joints move better, or reducing muscles spasms. This can be an incredible service, and most chiropractors are really very good at it. Many see the short-term relief from these services as incredibly beneficial as it helps them get through the day. The shortcoming, though, is that the challenges return, if not in a couple hours or days, then a couple months, because the underlying wound is never really addressed.

When it comes to the spine, the underlying wound is not generally found in the bones or the discs; it's found in the nervous system. At Network Family Wellness Center, our primary focus is something completely different. Instead of just temporarily restoring things to the way they have been, we focus on reorganizing the system so the body can handle and adapt to the future.

The majority of conventional approaches are focused on restoring things to the way they were before the challenge, condition, or problem developed. Whether it be sciatica, headaches, or disc type syndromes, the primary concern of conventional chiropractic service is getting a person back to living his/her life exactly as before so the person can continue life as it was. Here is the problem with that thinking: Life as it was got the person to this state in the first place, and going backward rarely helps a person move forward.

A Shift In Focus

A reorganizational approach has a completely difference focus, especially when it comes to the spine and nervous system. Rather than focusing on the acute injury, we look for the true wound within the nervous system that may have developed from an accumulation of various physical, chemical, or emotional stresses during the course of a person's lifetime. This shift in focus will help the nervous system and spine develop greater flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness, and strength so that it can better handle what in the past may have caused stress, malfunction, or injury. We help people become better equipped for the future so our clients can thrive in life.

NeuroStructural Optimization is extremely gentle and helps a person's body develop the ability to create movement and breath waves that undulate through the spine for self-correction, retraining, and reorganization. It's often been called the yoga of chiropractic.

Using The Body's Ability to Heal

The human body has an incredible, inborn capacity to heal. Research has shown that the NeuroStructural Optimization approach has contributed to a greater increase in quality of life than anything in the history of the chiropractic profession as well as improved the structural curvatures of people's spines. The newest research actually developed what has been shown in science to be the first central pattern generator discovered in the spine unrelated to locomotion. This happens because of NeuroStructural dysfunctions, also known as subluxations, block the body's capacity to heal and repair. Removing or reducing NeuroStructural shifts and dysfunctions improves adaptability, healing response, and helps people move forward in life.

This process begins with a thorough assessment of the functional, behavioral, structural, and perceptive responses of the spine and nervous system. We reassess progress as the nervous system heals and gains greater function. When it comes down to it, you can focus your time on temporarily fixing the past, or you can help facilitate reorganization in the body to be better equipped to thrive through your future.

Discover through a complimentary consultation, if this unconventional approach would be of help to you for sustainable healing, growth and forward movement in your life.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJune 3, 2016

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