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Heart Rate Variability

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Heart Rate Variability

Are you feeling stress in your life? None of us are immune to it. Stress can affect all age groups including infants, adolescents, teens, and adults. The most unfortunate factor about stress is that it always has a physical reaction in our bodies. It literally affects our health. Whether your stress is stemming from emotions, physical factors, medications, or diet, it’s creating a gradual shift on your overall level of energy.

Luckily, technology offers a way to detect and measure the effects of our stress. At Network Family Wellness Center, we have specialized equipment that allows us to track, analyze, and graph the rates and rhythms of your heartbeat. This test is known as “Heart Rate Variability (HRV)” and it’s so reliable that we use it to develop care plans for our patients. It’s safe, non-invasive, and extremely accurate. Within a matter of minutes, we can determine if your body is keeping up with the daily stresses of life or if you’re stuck in a cycle of stress that’s negatively impacting your body.

Once we determine your HRV score, we can combine this data with other stress tests that measure your spinal muscles and organ/gland nerve connections. As a result, we can create a clear understanding of your overall spinal health and tension as well as a customized care plan that will be perfectly suited to your specific needs.

We’re excited to lend our support to each of our patients as we help them return to their optimal level health. Are you ready to improve your own levels of energy? To get started—and determine your own Heart Rate Variability—contact the front office today.

By Dr. Donald EpsteinApril 22, 2015

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