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Health MythBusters: Healing Is Not Always Available

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Health MythBusters: Healing Is Not Always Available

Healing myths? There are many… And so many of us believe in much more than we realize. Network family wellness center chiropractor Dr. Tecia Pitts shares some insights around the myth that healing is not available to us. Healing is always available… In many forms to help us experience a more whole version of ourselves.

Curing and healing are two different paradigms. So often we confuse the two because we live in an allopathic world. Healing is so much more than a disease or condition going away it’s about being the best version of yourself and having an enhanced experience of life

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Hello everybody Doctor Tecia Pitts here with Network Family Wellness Center and today I’m going to be sharing with you a health myth buster of our approach to health in our life so this health myth buster will help redirect your approach on how you think about your body and your health. So the myth buster today is healing is not always available now imagine that you have a fever you have chills, and sweats on and off, and you basically hurt from head to toe so you go to the Emergency Room, and you’re told the treatment you need is not covered by your insurance, or its experimental or you’re not a good candidate for it, and then the physicians diagnosis of that condition is deemed terminal.

Sounds pretty terminal doesn’t it that healing seems that pretty hopeless at that point in time, and is not available well while that may seem to be the case healing is always available while the specific treatment, or doctor, or therapy may not be available has little to with whether healing is available to us. So illnesses due to the lack of wholeness or inner harmony within us, and healing simply means that you need to become whole or more aware of what has been isolated, or separated, or abused, or ashamed within your body, and healing also includes becoming compassionate and more accepting of ourselves and understanding that there is a greatness that lies within us. So also our belief system has a lot of impact on how we heal so when someone told that their condition is terminal that generally means that the expectation of their condition is that based on the current body of knowledge is that they’re not going to make it through and when that person is told that story they believe it and the expectation of all hope is taken away.

So have you ever known someone that actually was told they were terminal, and they actually lived a long fulfilled life after that? Why is that? Well instead of looking at the condition as the problem the entire person as a whole is considered, and the deeper questions can be focused on rather than only focusing on what is wrong. So questions such as was that person told that-that specific were the only thing available and that could help when nothing else could? Was the mind body and spirit connection even considered? How about was the person free from negative influence such as TV, or news that reinforces the loss of health in the first place? Or even was there any focus on factors that brought joy, and gratitude to that person? See healing comes from within, and through the expression, and connection of life so that can be done through laughter, through breathing, movement, prayer, going through a walk in nature lots of things, and there are many ways to heal, and it’s always available, and we just need to know what connects us with us.

So know that you are the ultimate healer, and it’s always free, and available as long as you are free and available to accept it so that’s my healthy tip for the day. Thanks for joining me we’ll see you next time.

By networkwellnesscentersMarch 4, 2018

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