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Healing Lower Back Pain From Within Or Not?

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Healing Lower Back Pain From Within Or Not?

Healing your lower back pain

As someone who has specialized and held a primary focus on neural spinal structure, behavior, perception and overall spinal health for over twenty years, I always watch what is being recommended to people wanting a healthier spine and nerve system throughout the health care world.

At Network Family Wellness Center, our primary focus has always been on empowering the body’s ability to heal from within. Stresses on the nervous system, whether they are physical, chemical, or emotional stresses, will show up as obstructions in a person’s spine. Over time, secondary challenges will develop. These challenges are actually just symptoms of a deeper problem that people mistakenly try to treat superficially rather than address the root cause of the concern.

Recently I read an article on “lower back pain from damaged discs” in the Men’s Health magazine, July 2016 issue. This article suggested a new form of therapy for helping people suffering from back pain and disc problems. These issues can be debilitating and have some of the most significant symptoms people will deal with in their lives. In fact, the secondary conditions that develop from back pain and disc problems are so significant that people tend to gravitate toward the traditional or conventional approaches of painkillers, surgery, or other types of injections to reduce the suffering.

This article recommended a new direction. It said that scientists have begun to realize the healing power of a patients’ own stem cells in treating injured discs. The article goes on to say that physicians can now remove stem cells from a person’s bone marrow or fat, re-inject them into the body, and this will create a pro-growth environment to help the body heal.

In the article, Jeffrey Zeckser, M.D. says: “The idea is that you’re giving your own body more healing potential by using your own restorative stem cells and growth factors”. This was touted as revolutionary and that people had a 50% reduction in pain after a calendar year, which was double the pain relief of those who received a placebo saline injection. According to the article, the benefit of this procedure is that it is less invasive than regular traditional spinal surgery, and that the healing time was shorter. Traditional back surgery, with its cutting, tissue removal, and scars, will put you out of action for six to eight weeks.

What really got me was that they said there are more than a dozen clinical trials underway, which means that it’s still in the experimental phase. It’s not covered by insurance and would cost $6,000 – $10,000 to perform, not to mention you have to find a specialist who is qualified to perform the procedure.

While I certainly agree with maximizing one’s own healing potential reading this made me think about how people are so indoctrinated in allopathy. People often work under the model of restoring, even if they say they believe in the body’s own healing potential. Let me just say: if you are patching a person together rather than seeking to fix the root cause, you’re still treating a symptom.

With no clinical trials, not knowing what will happen years down the road or whether the person’s going to need another procedure, this revolutionary stem cell procedure could still just be a band-aid. As is so common with most spinal surgeries, people can often be diagnosed with “failed back surgery syndrome” and have a second, third, or fourth spinal surgery. This stem cell treatment has that same potential, undoubtedly.

Shifting the focus away from treating the problem to increasing the adaptability, functional capacity, and organizational level of the spinal structure, NeuroStructural behavior, and the person’s perception and relationship to their body has greater rewards in store. It allows for people to be able to handle the life ahead of them. With their bones, muscles, and nerves more at peace and ease, more flexible, and more adaptable, a person can better handle coming stress and heal from any stresses that have happened to their nerve system in the past. In short, this approach is far easier, far safer, and far less costly.

In the article, the lead researcher discusses that “the ideal treatment plan would include stem-cells, followed by therapy exercises that emphasize core strengthening and proper posture” and that that all “fits to create a healthier spine.”

If a person’s body, symptoms and challenges are warning signs. Continuing to focus on the symptoms and trying to patch or restore the body, instead of getting to the foundation of the problem, is near always temporary and a band-aid fix. Your body has an incredible healing potential, which can be maximized through very gentle care and advanced expertise.

Contact Network Family Wellness Center for a consultation regarding your health goals to see if we can help you. At our office, a consultation is simply a conversation to determine your needs and what examination procedures would be appropriate for you individually to help you be at your best.

Our feeling is that when people are experiencing symptoms and challenges. It’s not that they want to get back to the life that they had before, but rather be able to be at their best to live the life that lies on the road ahead of them.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJuly 8, 2016

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