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Have you ever said….

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Have you ever said….

“Is something more invasive really my only answer?”

“I was told my only solution is surgery.”

“I was told to let it get worse until I need surgery.”

“I was told the only solution is to do pain relieving injections until those no longer work, and then do surgery.”

In 20 years of caring for people, I have heard these same statements over and over. Early in my career of taking care of people, I had a young girl come to see us who was a Boulder yoga instructor. She had been told by her general practitioner to consult a spine surgeon, who saw curvatures in her spine. Since she had a history of various auto-immune and organ conditions, and showed early signs of degeneration, the surgeon said the time was now to do spinal surgery, including a rod in her spine. This recommendation was very scary to her as a young woman in her early 20s, and I don’t blame her, especially since she was a thriving yoga instructor.

With the rise of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome – which includes a low rate of success as well as a high rate of needing to have a second and third surgery later on – the satisfaction with spinal surgery as a solution is low. The fact of the matter is there are many other possibilities. Why would you want to go the route of doing something permanent and invasive before investigating every option you can that was non-invasive? In fact, at a recent conference, a local spine surgeon shared that he always tells every patient to exhaust every non-invasive approach they can before going the route of surgery. I couldn’t agree more and appreciated hearing that from a conventional medical doctor.

Taking care of your health is always a priority and important. Not just when you feel bad, not just when you hurt, but all the time. Your overall health is largely based on a fully functioning spine and nervous system. So frequently, people only look at their spine and nerve system as something to patch or fix temporarily when it hurts rather than take a 180-degree approach and optimize the spinal structure, neural behaviors, adaptiveness, and responsiveness. Looking at the body structures that house your central circuitry and nervous system and making sure they are not obstructed, stretched, twisted, or otherwise holding your life hostage, is a must if you are to truly take care of your health

Health is measured by how well you and your systems function, and the spine and nervous system coordinate all of your function. If you want to be a peak performer, physically, mentally, and emotionally, with your family, in the office, at the gym, you need a nervous system that is fires on all cylinders. It is essential to being at your best.

Don’t allow a long slow slide into a loss of spinal health. You will be reducing your quality of life and shortening your ability to be effective in your life. Instead, think about getting your spine checked and optimized.

If you think you have room in your life for a healthier spine and nervous system, contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 303-998-1000. We will simply have a conversation with you to see what your healthcare concerns are, as well as your healthcare goals and hopes and dreams for your life, to see if we can help you move toward being the best version of yourself.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 13, 2018

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