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Have You Ever Felt A Difficult Day In Your Spine?

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Have You Ever Felt A Difficult Day In Your Spine?

Have you ever felt a difficult day at work or day with your family, or even a holiday in your spine? At the end of the day, have you ever felt like your spine was holding you hostage? Or perhaps, have you ever woken up feeling that way already, only to find it get worse during the course of your day? These kinds of experiences are quite common and they greatly impact your life because the shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine directly relate to the shape, position, tension, and tone of your life. Well-known author, Dr. Andrew Weil, writes in his book Health And Healing: “…painful experiences, emotions and memories can find their way to the musculature and simply remain there as frozen patterns of energy.(245)”

For many people, life experiences have accumulated bit by bit and altered their spinal structure, their neurological behavior, and their perception of their body and their life. This tri-fold change in physiology impacts people on numerous levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So often people experience current day-to-day life with the events of the past clouding their view like mud on the windshield of a vehicle. For these people, life is being experienced as if all hurts, traumas, events, and challenges are still going on. As author, Caroline Myss, stated: “Your biography becomes your biology”.
In human physiology, structure and function are related. If altered structure and neurological patterns go unaddressed the results start to surface as secondary challenges. Often there are warning signs and symptoms like back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and joint challenges, which people often silence with over the counter medications, or just live with them. Secondary challenges can also look like having less energy, mild depression, anxiety, mental emotional stresses, and decreased enthusiasm. Over time, NeuroStructural structural shifts and changes in neurological behavior inevitably become larger challenges and conditions. Once that happens people unfortunately seek more invasive procedures that involve pharmaceutical or surgical options as a last resort.

There is another option, though. Rather than feeling like your spine is holding you hostage, or just living at diminished functional capacity or with less joy, it is possible to move to a greater experience of life. You can enjoy more adaptability and levels of function that you did not realize you could reach, or did not realize were diminished.

Changing how you hold your body can change how you view the world, your perception of reality, your sense of what's possible, and what you attract into your life. These past traumas, events, and challenges, this mud on your windshield, can be cleared to offer you a new view of your world. This often starts at the NeuroStructural level. As a person’s structural holding pattern is altered, so is their view of the world. Where your attention and focus go, so goes the focus and energy of your life.

Discover if your life is being held hostage at the NeuroStructural level, and if you can experience life with more freedom. Inquire about a complimentary consultation to see if we can help you.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesAugust 5, 2016

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