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Free Your Spine And The Rest Will Follow

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Free Your Spine And The Rest Will Follow

If all the lights in your house went out, would you go around room to room swapping out the lightbulbs to fix the problem? I doubt it. More than likely the first place you would look would be the fuse box. You might find that it needs to be replaced or updated, or you might find that the power simply needs to beturned back on at the circuit breaker level.

So often when it comes to our health, when we havean illness, symptom, or concern in some part of the body, we tend to go to that area of the body and try to fix it without ever thinking of starting at the source. That is just like finding the lights out and trying to fix the darkness by changing the lightbulbs.

Your body has a circuit panel – it’s called your spine and nervous system – and that is what controls, coordinates, animates, and motivates every aspect of how your organs functions, your body moves, and how you perceive your conscious reality. Before looking at the individual parts of your body, my advice to you is to always start at the source and optimize it.

“But I have nothing wrong with me.” Good! We want to help keep it that way. You maintain the health of your teeth by brushing them and seeing a dentist regularly and you should be doing the same for your spine. In fact, it is very wise to optimize the state of every aspect of your body before you have a condition. Why wait until things are broken down? You wouldn’t do that with your caror house, so why would it be a wise course of action with your body? This temple you have is the only place for your spirit to reside and keeping it healthy can only serve you well on the journeys that you have through life. Consider if you think you have any room in your life for your spinal structure to be healthier, stronger, and better aligned. It is always wise to stay at your best.

“Oh, but I have a condition, so I’ve got to take care of treating this first.” Well, whether it be a broken bone or strained muscle, or something more significant like cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or anxiety and depression, while you’re handling that condition, ask yourself if there is room to get the rest of your body healthier. If you’re only focused on treating the conditions that you have, there’s little chance you’ll ever be 100% well. Yes, addressing your condition is important and you do not want to ignore it. At the same time, there’s the rest of you other than that symptom, condition, concern, or disease state. The whole you wants you to pay attention to it to make sure you’re at your best.

In the 80s,the group En Vogue sang: Free your mind and the rest will follow. The same thing goes for your body: Free your spine and the rest will follow. Contact us for a free complimentary consultation if you’d like to find out how much freeing your spinal structure and your nerve system behavior will help you move towards a healthier experience of your life and provide you more freedom. We’ll discuss what you’d like to have less of as well as what you’d like to have more of in your life experience and determine if we can develop a plan to help you get there. Just click below or call us at 303-998-1000.

By networkwellnesscentersJune 1, 2018

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