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Today’s I’m going to mostly talk to the men, but even the ladies reading this may want to make sure that they help the man in their lives with this problem.

Have you noticed all of the commercials on TV about helping men with “low t”? Low ‘t’ is another way of saying, low testosterone.

There’s a good reason for this though… You see, there’s an epidemic of Low Testosterone in our society that your father and grandfather never battled. In fact, did you know that men as young as in their mid-30’s are experiencing symptoms of “andropause”, which is caused by this low ‘t’?

In today’s society, we are bombarded by pesticides, as well as chemicals such as BPA in canned foods that act as xenoestrogens, wreaking havoc on men’s ‘T to E’ ratios. Worse yet, we’re also bombarded with cell phone and WIFI radiation all day long which has been shown to decrease T levels.

The bottom line is that this is a different world than our grandfathers lived in, and it’s waging a war against our ‘T’ levels, causing all sorts of scary feminizing issues in men… and even women, so this is a problem most people are not aware of.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to FIGHT BACK! For example, did you know that there are some powerful “superfoods” that can help you boost your “T” levels? In fact, they’re not even ones you’d normally think of.

For example, did you know that CELERY can boost testosterone? Yeah, weird, huh?
When you chew celery, testosterone-triggering hormones androstenone and androstenol are released.

As you munch a stalk of celery – these chemicals send signals from your mouth to your nose and directly stimulate the release of testosterone in your body. Want maximum effectiveness? Shove 4-6 stalks of celery into a juicer… take a good strong whiff… and then slam the whole glass for a Superfood Testosterone-Boosting “Shot”. (Note: Due to toxins and xenoestrogens in food that’s riddled with pesticides – be sure to use organic celery)

There’s another incredible, easy, and NATURAL tips to increase your testosterone. Use the testosterone crème from West Coast and just rub it on everyday if you don’t want to eat a ton of celery everyday or better yet… do both. Wow, will you see a change.

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By networkwellnesscentersFebruary 21, 2012

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