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Don’t Visit a Chiropractor Until You Read This

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Don’t Visit a Chiropractor Until You Read This

Becoming an Educated Healthcare Consumer

As with choosing a healthcare provider in any discipline, you will get much more out of it if you are an educated consumer. Most often, people choose a practitioner based on a referral. That can be wise when it comes to restaurants or movies because we all tend to trust our friends’ likes and interests. However, when talking about your health, there are other things to consider. The main thing I recommend to people is to reflect on their healthcare goals. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the experience with the practitioner. People can have a wide variety of healthcare goals.

Exploring Surface-Level Practitioners

As with just about any profession, there is a standard surface-level type practice. When it comes to people working with a person’s spine, whether it be a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or other spine-related discipline, the majority of practitioners are focused on removing the surface injury or complaint the person has come in with as quickly as possible, like reducing muscle spasm, temporary pain relief, or improving range of motion. These conventional practitioners are very good at that and get great results, which makes the people who see them very happy. If those are your goals, the majority of chiropractic practitioners will be satisfactory. The complaint that we hear most often happens when someone wants more than a quick fix out of his or her experience.

Identifying Underlying Issues

Imagine the following scenario: You own a home and you really want to take care of it and keep it in its best shape. One day, you notice that the windows aren’t closing right, so you have a window repair person come out to repair them. The windows work again and you’re very happy. A few months later, you notice that the floorboards are starting to come up, and you have someone fix the floors, but you’re starting to think: “I’m spending a lot on fixing my house.” A few months after that, the tiles start coming off the roof unexpectedly, and you have to spend more on roofing repairs. By this point, you might be getting irritated, feeling like you are sinking money into a pit. If then, a few months later, after just a couple years in that house, pipes started bursting in the yard, you’d really be concerned. Finally, someone says: “You know, have you ever thought of checking the foundation of the house?” If you had identified that the foundation of the house was shifted or distorted at the beginning, you could have fixed that underlying problem and the secondary challenges would have never come up.

Finding the Right Type of Chiropractor

If you want more out of your chiropractic experience to maximize your health and wellbeing and increase performance, you need to look for a practitioner who can help resolve NeuroStructural dysfunctions. People can have NeuroStructural dysfunctions relative to structural shifts, NeuroStructural behavioral patterns, and nerve system changes that affect their perception of their body. If you find a chiropractic practitioner whose primary focus is to help the body improve structure, to change NeuroStructural behavior patterns, and to help you improve your perception of your experience of your body, you might be able to stop the “Band-Aid” cycle of chiropractic care and find sustainable changes for your long-term health, well-being, and life.

Starting Your Foundational Approach

When you want more out of your experience of life, you need a comprehensive approach. You need someone to help you check your foundation. It is common for people to see changes in your quality of life, athletic performance, and ability to handle and adapt to stresses as a result of a person’s spine and nerve system healing. It is possible for you to feel more joy, get better sleep, and have increased energy, and it can all happen from within. You don’t have to chase external solutions. 

Before you visit a chiropractor, determine what your goals are and what you want to get out of your potential chiropractic experience. To see if we can help you, contact us for a complementary consultation, which is just a conversation to see if we can help.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMay 6, 2016

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