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Do You Want MORE From Your Life?

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Do You Want MORE From Your Life?

For three decades, the Transformational Gate healing retreat programs have been filled with people who want more. Donny Epstein has developed and trained practitioners in “EpiEnergetics methodologies”, a unique process that provides strategies to unlock greater human resourcefulness, development, and evolution. For the first time, documentary filmmakers, The Skin Deep, were allowed behind the scenes at a Transformational Gate healing retreat weekend to film the amazing work of Donnie Epstein and witness network spinal care delivered at the highest level.

Why do people from all over the world travel to these healing retreat weekends? Because they’re seeking more. Viewing healthcare as something to interact with only when you want less of something bad is a dying paradigm. Yes, people can certainly experience fewer headaches, less back pain, less neck pain, less fibromyalgia, less chronic fatigue syndrome, less stress, etc. from chiropractic care and certainly from network spinal care. However, is having less pain or disease the only reason to put time, energy, resources, and effort into health?

In truth, people go to yoga classes, exercise, and buy organic foods because they yearn for something more. They are really seeking optimized health and well-being to bring more joy, more flexibility, and more adaptability to their lives. Don’t we all want the ability to handle more, to take on more projects, to enjoy our kids and lives more? Don’t we all crave the ability to live life to the fullest?
During the eighteen years that Network Family Wellness Center has operated in Boulder, Colorado, hundreds of our practice members have attended the Transformational Gate weekends. In fact, many of them are in these video clips.
Network Family Wellness Center owners, Drs. Daniel and Rochelle Knowles, two of the most sought-after practitioners of this work who travel the world training chiropractors, had the pleasure and honor of helping serve thousands of people at these events during the course of their careers.

“It has been a true honor attending Transformational Gate healing retreats as a facilitator, to help people free themselves from the blocks within the nervous system that have been holding them back,” says Dr. Daniel Knowles, network chiropractic specialist.

“What’s even more important about this work is what people gain: more resources to be able to make change from within. The difference between network care and other areas or specialties within chiropractic is what will make your experience at our office great.

“Is it better to feed a man a fish, or teach him how to fish? When we work on people using network spinal care our intention is to teach their spine “how to fish”, so to speak. We want to help the spinal structure, neural behavior, and perception of the world improve in such a way that a person is more likely to make positive changes, and is more able to handle life’s small and large physical, chemical, and emotional events. When that all happens, the result is that people actually feel that, rather than being a victim of stress or a victim of life, they can take on more. They can shout to the world: “Bring It On! This why we do this work.”

If you would like to know if you could experience more contact us for a free consultation which is simply a conversation to see what you would like to experience less of in your body and your life as well as what you want to experience more of to determine if we can help you.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJanuary 26, 2018

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  1. Jon P

    Great. I must say this is something really very motivational and people from this modern busy day’s must read this article. Thanks for sharing such a meaningful info.

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