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Do You Like It Hard Or Soft?

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Do You Like It Hard Or Soft?

When people think of chiropractic care for their spine they think of someone twisting or cracking their neck or part of their spine and forcibly moving their body with hard motions. Did you know it doesn’t have to be that way?

In fact, hard motions and more noise is not necessarily better.

When someone is caring for your spine or you are choosing someone to care for your spine, what is most important? Is it the bones? Actually, the primary reason people are looking at their spine is due to a malfunction of the nervous system, which is underneath. The spine is the protective layer above the nervous system and it is segmented so you can move.

The active musculature moves the vertebrae and the passive spinal structures are impacted by the musculature. However, what do you think controls the musculature? That’s right, the nervous system. When the nerve system is altered in its tension, tone, or behavior patterns, that is what will shift the musculature and the vertebrae. So much time is spent trying to move bones around only to have them go back out of place again because the nerve system was never addressed.

If you look at the bones, they’re kind of like the scab that is over the wound. It is the wound that is the problem, not the scab. The bones are on the outside; it is the nerve system and its wounds that alter functionality and must be addressed. Network Spinal Analysis treatment addresses the nerve system and begins the healing process.

Unfortunately, we have been taught in our culture that if you want a big change you have to have a big input. For example, if we have a very severe illness like cancer, we are told that we have to do something drastic like chemotherapy to heal. But there are less invasive actions that can initiate healing in the body as well. Often in life, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Consider a pitcher in a baseball game. A pitcher can move a finger ever so minimally, just a few millimeters, and that will change the trajectory of the baseball dramatically. Just that slight difference will cause a big change in the trajectory of the ball as it hurtles over ninety miles an hour. That change in trajectory could change whether the ball is hit or not, and how that ball is hit, based upon where the pitcher had their finger, can actually change the postural, emotional, behavioral, and perception response of 30,000 people in the stands. In fact, that little shift of the finger on the baseball can even affect the emotional state of the millions of people watching the game around the country.

The human body is similar. The human body is an open system and healing can take place from very small changes to initiate the body’s inborn processes. By no means does the healing process need to be hard to make a dramatic change when addressing a person’s spine. Something extremely light can make a huge impact on your spinal structures, neural behavior, and most importantly, your life.

So, the question isn’t really do you like it hard or soft, but rather do you want to address what’s on the surface or do you want to work on the underlying wounds that will create more sustainable changes. This is the question that Network Spinal Analysis can answer.

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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesMarch 17, 2017

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