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Do You Have Anterior Head Syndrome?

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Do You Have Anterior Head Syndrome?

Does your head sometimes feel like you’re holding up a pumpkin on your shoulders?

You may have Anterior Head Syndrome impacting your spinal structure.

Check out this video to learn more and understand this vital health tip. Contact us at: 303-998-1000.

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“Hey everybody, Dr. Tecia Pitts here with Network Family Wellness Center. And today I’m here with Mr. Guthrie and we are going to talk a little bit about anterior head syndrome which is actually not something great that you want. So to demonstrate what I’m gonna have Guthrie do here is hold out the pumpkin out here while I talk and so what is anterior head syndrome? Do you know what it is? No, Okay so anterior head syndrome is where you have your head and your head goes forward. Well, we don;t want that because for every inch forward our head is over our shoulder it;s an added ten pounds of pressure, ten pounds that’s the weight of a pumpkin. Right here and right here so ultimately you could if your head is more forward so the goal of posture is to have your ear over your shoulders hips knees ankles. With anterior head syndrome the more forward our head goes what it;s doing it’s putting one that added 10 pounds of pressure on your shoulders in your back. But it’s also stretching the spinal cord which is not good. Does that sound good? No, it doesn’t sound good. So as I’ve been talking how are you feeling holding this? “I can kind of feel some strain in my upper arms.” Right okay so see, strain in the upper arms. So think about it as the head goes forward where is that strain equivalent to your lower back. So as he’s holding it he’s feeling it in his arms so that’s the stress that he’s feeling that ultimately if it was up here it’d be on your low back right? So you can relax and put it where it’s comfortable. So Yeah Absolutely1 So that’s a demonstration of the anterior head syndrome and to help alleviate that if that’s something that you suffer from and you would like to get that corrected. You can contact us at www.networkwellnesscenters.com or you can give us a call at 303-988-1000 for Neurostructural Optimization to see how that can help. So thanks so much for being my pumpkin demonstration and we hope that help you guys out. This Dr. Tecia Pitts DC and Guthrie ad well see you next time.”

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 3, 2017

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