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Crucial Things To Do After Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

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Crucial Things To Do After Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

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When you receive a chiropractic adjustment focused on NeuroStructural Optimization, you’ll want to take care and pay attention to a few crucial things in the one to three days that follow your adjustment. For a person’s physiology to change there are three areas that make up what we call the Triad of Change: the organizational level, the capacity to heal, and the adaptive response. A spinal reorganization adjustment impacts the nervous system and reorganizes the body towards greater ability to make navigate change. When you reorganize the body, you open a path for change in the other two areas.

Structure, Behavior and Perception

NeuroStructural dysfunctions are related to structural shifts, neurological behavior change and alterations of somatic perceptions.  A whole cascade of healing happens after an adjustment. As your nerve system changes or alters, it can improve communication with the rest of the body. This cascade of healing will affect every system in the body and will impact each person differently. As nerve coordination reorganizes, it is very common to experience changes to blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, the immune system, and many other areas. It can also be common to experience a general overall feeling of wellness, feeling more at ease, feeling tensions change, or feeling energy or tingling in the body. This is because NeuroStructural dysfunctions obstruct communication systems in one’s body at the core level of the nerve connection between the intelligence of one’s body and its physical coordination.  It’s important to realize that all of these reactions are part of a person’s body reorganizing.

For this reason, we really recommend that you pay close attention and follow these steps for the next several days to assist your healing.

#1: Clear Your Schedule

After an adjustment that re-organizes the nerve system, I highly recommend people don’t do much after. It’s a common mistake for people to schedule a chiropractor’s adjustment along with a massage session, a reiki session, or some other healing activity. I highly recommend that the first few chiropractic adjustments be done separately from any other healing activity. I would not recommend utilizing any other healing art on the same day as having a chiropractic adjustment, so you can really get the benefit and impact on your nervous system, and your body can utilize the forces that were applied without having to integrate another healing art. Also, if you regularly exercise or work out, I recommend scheduling your first few chiropractic adjustments several hours away from your exercise routine. I would not schedule them back-to-back or even at all close together, so you get the most out of both activities.

#2: Pay Attention

Pay attention to your perception of your body. It is very common for spinal adjustments to affect how you feel, your muscle sensations, your posture, your respiration, and your mental and emotional states. Pay more attention to your body in the hours and days following an adjustment. It’s very common for a person’s breathing pattern, rhythm, depth, and range to change either on the table or between visits. Inadvertent posture changes are also very common so pay attention to how your innate posture changes. You may notice you’re standing taller, you’re sitting differently in a car, or sitting differently at a table. You are not doing it, but instead, your body is uniquely positioning you differently as it re-organizes. We’ve had people who’ve felt better and people who’ve have felt worse after adjustments; that is why your perception is so important to your healing. It’s common for a person to notice that an area which has bothered them for years will feel better after an adjustment, but that something that’s never bothered them before start to feel stuck or have tension. This new perception could be because that area had been blocked all along until the nervous system was reorganized for new communication.

#3 Get Checked Again Within 24-48 Hours

The first couple of visits when seeing a chiropractor are focused on the organizational responsiveness of your spine and nerve system. The chiropractor should be checking and comparing how your body is responding to adjustments. In many ways, a person’s first session, or even first couple of sessions, are test signals to the nerve system and tracking the bodies responses within the nervous system is part of understanding their body and creating a custom course of care. Force is applied to the nervous system to make changes toward a better structure, better structural positioning, and better neurological behavior to alter a person’s perception of him/herself.

The practitioner taking care of you has to reassess those signals, especially after the first adjustment, to help inform a custom sequence for the type of adjustments that you’ll be receiving from there on out. Make sure that your second visit is scheduled within 24 or 48 hours of the first. A week later is not recommended, especially initially. Most people, when doing something new for their health or well being, need an immersion period. If you’re going to change your body with exercise, and you really want to create momentum, going to the gym once a week is not going to do it. The same principle applies when it comes to changing your spine and nerve system. An immersion period is needed to help you gain momentum, and momentum is crucial to the healing process. Without momentum your body will very quickly return to old structural patterns, behavior, neurological behaviors, and perceptions. If a spinal system is going to rediscover connection, transform its structure, behavior, and perception, and awaken to the capacity to heal from within, momentum is the key.

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By networkwellnesscentersFebruary 26, 2016

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