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Chiropractor in Boulder Colorado warns of 33 reasons you don’t want GMO’s IN your food

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Chiropractor in Boulder Colorado warns of 33 reasons you don’t want GMO’s IN your food

Here are (33) reasons you don’t want GMO’s IN your food:



1) GMO production requires the heavy use of pesticides and
other toxic chemicals.



2) GMOs contain foreign genes for which
the harmful side-effects are largely unknown.



3) There has never been a single long-term
safety study conducted on ANY GMO.



4) Cultivation of GMOs leads to the proliferation
of herbicide-resistant “superweeds,” for which
there are NO known solutions.



5) Monsanto, the largest purveyor of GMOs, is
responsible for thrusting Agent Orange on the
world — and you as a chiropractor, “do you trust
a chemical company?”



6) Labeling GMOs will NOT increase food costs, as
GMOs have been labeled throughout Europe for more
than a decade without consequence.



7) Animal studies have shown that GMOs cause
sterility within three generations — Should you
be feeding your children GMO’s?



8) There have been no long-term studies on the
environmental impact of GMO cultivation.



9) GMOs are produced using “terminator” seeds,
requiring farmers to buy new seeds every year from
biotechnology firms.



10) GM corn, which is used in livestock feed, has
been shown to severely HARM animals — do you think
it might HARM YOU, your children, and other humans?



11) GMO labeling has nothing to do with excessive
government intervention and regulation. That is all
smoke and mirrors.



12) More than 90 percent of Americans in numerous
surveys have indicated they support mandatory GMO
labeling. You should be one of them.



13) GM crops have NEVER been shown to produce
higher yields than conventional and organic crops,
despite industry propaganda.



14) GMOs are extremely expensive to produce, which
means the biotech industry is eager to market them
whether they are proven safe or NOT.



15) Many GMOs contain inbred genes and pesticides
that cannot simply be washed off before
consumption. Bt corn, for instance, contains its
own built-in pesticides.



16) GM crops poison — USEFUL insects, which become
MORE prone to deadly infections and disease.



17) GMO cultivation is creating “superbugs” that
are quickly evolving to develop resistance to



18) GMOs contaminate non-GMOs through
cross-pollination, a process that CANNOT be



19) GMO cultivation eliminates biodiversity and
RUINS the heritage of farming wherever it is



20) Once introduced into the environment, GMOs can
never be withdrawn. NEVER.



21) Since GMOs were first introduced, rates of
allergies and autoimmune disease have skyrocketed
— coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO.



22) All studies that claim GMOs are safe have been
industry-funded. All studies that raise serious
concerns about GMO safety have been independently



23) The companies responsible for producing GMOs
do not want them labeled — WHY?



24) The scientific community is divided on whether
or not GMOs are SAFE, so how is it ethical for
them to remain unlabeled? POISON IS POISON. YOU



25) GM crops are NOT the same as their non-GMO
counterparts, both nutritionally and



26) Consumers have a RIGHT to know whether or not
they are eating GMOs.



27) Studies showing health consequences of GMO
consumption are being BLOCKED from scientific



28) GMOs eliminate biodiversity and deplete soil



29) GM traits have been shown to induce allergy
transfer. Eating a GM soybean that contains a
Brazil nut trait, for instance, can induce Brazil
nut allergy.



30) How can individuals be expected to “eat
healthy” if they do not even know what their food



31) YOU have a right to know what is in your food!



32) Revolving door between government and industry
has prevented GMO labeling in the U.S. for almost
20 years — is it not time for the people to have
their voices heard?



33) Transparency is the best way to “air out
corruption,” for which the biotech industry is



If you care about your kids, yourself, and your
community, you’d better read up on GMO’s.



Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.

By networkwellnesscentersNovember 5, 2012

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