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Chiropractor Boulder says the earlier in life you get adjusted the better

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Chiropractor Boulder says the earlier in life you get adjusted the better

As a Boulder chiropractor I see people every day who ask how did I end up this way?  Why does my spine look like this? How did I end up in this point? After all nothing is ever happened to me.  All I had was that one fall or 1 car accident.  These statements and questions are always educational moments.  I have had care for my spine as a regular part of taking care of my health since I was 13 years old.  As far as I’m concerned I was 13 years too late.



The public has unfortunately been taught that care for your spine is something related to fixing back pain, headaches and other symptoms.  The truth is that care for your spine is about maximizing your health, keeping your body at your best and staying well.  Your central nervous system coordinates everything about you, in fact you live your life through it.  Once people understand this, I mean really understand it.  And understand they can’t possibly be 100% healthy without their nervous system functioning 100%  without interference.  Taking care of your spine and maximizing the integrity, functional capacity, flexibility and resilience of your spine and nerve system become central to taking care of your health.



111_0130As a practitioner one those things that brings me the most joy is when patients get this and they bring their infants for their first adjustment.  The earlier the better.  I adjusted both of our children the day they were born. After all realize the stresses that we are all exposed to in life physically, chemically and emotionally don’t just happen to adults.  the birth process in and of itself is stressful to an infant physiology.  Especially if you add any of the numerous modern birth interventions.



You don’t have to have problems, pain, sickness or be falling apart at 40 to start getting healthy.  A healthy lifestyle needs to begin early, and should begin at birth.  get your child adjusted early, their spine and future health will thank you for it. After all, who doesn’t want their kids to be well-adjusted.




By networkwellnesscentersJanuary 1, 2012

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