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Chiropractic Sessions Have Helped Me Relieve Debilitating Bulging Disc Pain

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Chiropractic Sessions Have Helped Me Relieve Debilitating Bulging Disc Pain

Liz Antognoli with Dr. Richelle

Bulging intervertebral disks represent a relatively common health problem that may or may not impact the wellbeing of the patient. As a matter of fact, bulging disks usually stay asymptomatic. Nonetheless, this issue can cause a severe disability and discomfort, especially when the disc starts to compress the root of an adjacent nerve.



As time goes by, the fibrous side of the intervertebral disk will gradually lose its strength, forcing the patient to cope with even more pain and multiple limitations standing in the way of a healthy, active lifestyle. Liz Antognoli understands these implications, but she no longer fears them. Liz has been dealing with neck and back pain for years in a row. After a while, she got tired of medication, countless doctor appointments and ineffective treatment plans.  Since she did not want to go under the knife to address the underlying cause of her medical concern, Liz decided to opt for a natural approach to enhancing her pain coping capabilities and fueling her own wellbeing.



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Why I Chose Network Family Wellness Center




Essentially, Liz turned to Network Family Wellness Center to heal bulging disk pain and regain quality of life. She was a little skeptic at first, mostly because she knew that controlling persistent leg, neck and back pain was no easy task. Even so, she chose to give premium chiropractic care a try. One day, she picked up the phone, scheduled her first appointment and met Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C.



What’s Changed?




Right after her first chiropractic sessions, she noticed the total disappearance of what used to be daily leg pain. She is currently benefitting from the total recovery of lots of range of motion and an enhanced quality of life. The list of advantages doesn’t end here. Surprisingly, even her eyesight has improved a great deal. She made the most of an exciting office tour, benefitted from a first-time massage and got additional information on the recipe for weight loss success tested and introduced by the NFWC specialists. The plethora of advantages associated with this program convinced Liz to give it a try. She loved the nurturing, stimulating environment that she discovered, so scheduling a new appointment with her favorite chiropractors seemed like the right thing to do.



Why Do I Still Stick to This Program?




Naturally, she did not regret her choice. For months in a row, excellent chiropractic care has helped Liz regain her exterior and interior balance. Believe it or not, the excruciating pain that she was experiencing is now a remote memory from the past. Liz is now able to control her body faster and better than ever before; not to mention the fact that she sleeps better and has already mastered exceptional breathing techniques contributing to her comfort. She keeps scheduling appointments with her favorite chiropractors simply because the results so far are incredible and she wants to experience the best quality of life possible! She now realizes that chiropractic care is truly addictive. Once you embrace it, you have to turn it into a part of your weekly wellness routine, simply because it allows you to recover your strength, de-stress and adjust your spine in a wonderfully relaxing environment.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJuly 23, 2015

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