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What Research has Shown

Chiropractic Care - What Research has Shown

For almost twenty years we have often been asked if chiropractic really works and if Network Spinal Analysis will help me. There have been thousands of studies published around the world (not to mention many of our own success stories) that attest to the effectiveness of chiropractic care. But due to a lack of information in the main-stream media, the public is often skeptical. The research also demonstrates that chiropractic has exceptional results for improving spinal and neural function as well as the quality of life. Here at Network Family Wellness Center, we strive to educate our practice members as to the many proven advantages of chiropractic care.
You can download some of the chiropractic research studies that have been done on Network care as well as those that Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. themselves have published by clicking the links below:

Improvement in Heart Rate Variability in 46 Patients Undergoing Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis

Network quality of life study

Network spinal analysis research review

Reduction of scoliosis and cervical curve in senior citizens

Restoration of the cervical curve

Improvement of vision with NSA care

Reorganization of the Cervical Curve & Improved Quality of Life Following Network Spinal Analysis Care: A Case Study

The Network Wave as a Central Pattern Generator

Research undertaken in collaboration with neurobiologists and medical professionals at the University of California, Irvine has shown conclusively that there are tangible quality of life benefits to receiving Network Spinal Analysis based care. The study focused on a population of 2,818 chiropractic users from across the globe. They were assessed to determine the effects on their emotional and physical health resulting from their participation in Network Spinal Analysis. In general, study subjects reported improvements in their physical health and their sense of general well-being, as well as a renewed positive attitude to life.

The reported benefits are detailed below, and fall into a number of categories:


Physical Well-Being

  • Enhanced spinal and vertebral flexibility
  • Higher energy levels
  • Lessening of fatigue
  • Less susceptibility to seasonal ailments such as influenza and the common cold
  • Reduction in the frequency of headaches
  • Decrease in pain levels overall

Stress Reduction

  • An enhanced sense of emotional well-being
  • An improvement in general physical health
  • A greater capacity to deal with daily stresses
  • A relaxed approach to dealing with family members and friends
  • A better attitude to work

Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

  • Development of a positive self-image
  • Increased ability to control anger and stave off moodiness
  • Enhancement of interest in life
  • Less focus on the small stress factors in daily life
  • Better ability to cope with physical distress
  • Stronger levels of focus


Life Enjoyment

  • Greater sense of ease
  • Stronger mind-body connection
  • Positive self-image
  • Comfortable and open in dealing with others
  • Heightened sense of confidence
  • Greater compassion for others
  • A new-found interest in developing and maintaining a positive, healthy lifestyle


Promoting lifestyle changes, including:

  • Increased interest in a program of regular exercise
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga and spiritual meditation
  • Relaxation exercises, including self-hypnosis
  • A change to a vegetarian or vegan diet
  • A decrease in the intake of chemical substances
  • A decrease in reliance on non-essential prescription medications
  • Increased intake of vitamins and health supplements

Participants in the study also reported an overall improvement in their quality of life, with relation to their personal appearance, their interactions with their peers, their sense of self-worth, and many aspects of their personal life, including romantic and family relationships. In general, respondents stated that they lived happier, more centered lives, which allow them to cope with stress better and adapt to life’s necessary changes in a positive way.

If you live in or around Boulder, Colorado and you’re looking for a chiropractor, come visit us at Network Family Wellness Center. There is no other chiropractic team around that is better suited to help you achieve a happier life, free from the deleterious effects of stress and pain.

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