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More About Subluxations and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care - More About Subluxations and Chiropractic Care

Subluxation and Chiropractic Network Care
Our chiropractic care services make sure your visit is worth your while. Often when someone schedules a visit with Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. they are living their life with a nervous system compromised from spinal subluxations. We visualize a world where every man woman and child is experiencing life through a healthy nerve system free of subluxations. In order to understand the benefits of a healthy spine and how chiropractic works, you need to know what spinal subluxations are and how they effect your body.

Subluxation Defined

Spinal subluxations occur when the nerve system is irritated and compromised from physical, chemical, or emotional stressors that your body doesn’t recover from or adapt to. This yields pressure or irritation on the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Often someone will first visit a chiropractor for a specific concern such as neck pain, back pain or headaches.

Certainly the public is well aware that people experience great relief from conditions such as these through care for the spine and chiropractic. However, that misses the true gift of a body free from spinal subluxations. You live your life through your central nervous system. It coordinates how your organs work and how you move. It serves as the filter for your conscious reality. Pressure, irritation and compromise of your nervous system related to spinal subluxation is often the root cause of many people’s conditions, concerns, problems and limits their ability to achieve the greater level of health, joy and quality of life that is waiting for them.
Our chiropractors relieve pressure in the spinal area of neurological compromise, not necessarily the injured region or the area that hurts. When pressure created by a subluxation is released the wisdom within (your innate intelligence) is better expressed through the communicative healing channels of the spine and nervous system.
The art of chiropractic involves applying gentle forces to the spine that create adjustments in order to reduce spinal subluxations that are interfering with nerve communication, furthering the healing process and improving the integrity and efficiency of the primary conduit for healing, your central nerve system. By reducing pressure in the spinal region, it allows communication within the body to be more freely and easily through the nervous system. Then that back or neck problem can really begin to improve and more importantly increase your overall quality of life.


Freeing the pressure

When a chiropractor frees the pressure created by spinal subluxation the process towards enhanced wellness can begin. This natural, gentle, profound and advanced method is used to address and reduce pressure. No drugs are utilized. There are no invasive or dangerous procedures and no pain is inflicted on a patient. The chiropractor helps provide the individual with the best possible opportunity to heal and move towards well-being and a greater joy and zest for life. Members of Network Family Wellness Center receive this amazing benefit when they live their life through a healthy subluxation free spine.


Subluxation Subtleties

It’s important to understand that your well-being may be hampered by spinal subluxations of which you are entirely unaware. Symptoms such as tightness, pain or impaired movement may or may not be an indication of a spinal subluxations.
Trained, certified, licensed chiropractors who are trained in Network Spinal Analysis, such as Drs. Knowles, will be able to determine if you have spinal subluxations affecting your health related quality of life.


Healing process

For members of Network Family Wellness Center, the outstanding care provided is the initial step towards maximizing their wellness. Often this involves using the gentle touch approach associated Network Spinal Analysis care. Although spinal subluxations may not be the source of the member’s complaint, until properly addressed and reduced the members healing capacity will be less than optimum. Spinal subluxations hinder progress towards well being. Relief of the pressure associated with spinal subluxations is always a goal in your care at Network Family Wellness Center. Increased spinal and neural integrity through Network Spinal Analysis care is the great enhancer of the benefits you will gain from all your other personal steps and strategies towards wellness.

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